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Dude, You Are So Money, You Don’t Even Know How Money You Are

The details still need to be worked out, but it looks as if Alex Rodriguez is coming back to the Yankees, to the tune of 10 years, $275 million. Here is the outline of the deal, and the first look into how it all went down.

The story was released tonight shortly after the Barry Bonds indictment story had a good hour of the newscyle headlines. Many Yankee fans that I spoke with today were unhappy to hear that Rodriguez was coming back, even if some of them softened their stance after learning that Rodriguez approached the Yankees without his agent, Scott Boras. I assume even more will stop worrying and learn to love the bomb when he’s knocking in 40 dingers a year. Still, my initial feeling was that Rodriguez will have to be part of a World Series winner or approach Barry Bonds’ home run record before he is ever truly embraced by the baseball public, let alone Yankee fans.

Only Bonds and Boras getting flogged could possibly make Rodriguez look okay in comparison, and guess what? It happened. Now, Boras takes a massive “L” and Bonds is really in the soup. Rodriguez? He’s only about to sign the biggest contract in baseball history…for the second time. How you like me now, indeed.

I don’t think Rodriguez is that bad–he’s just a bit of a fink that’s all. He’s like the kid you knew when you were growing up, where’d you’s say, “Mattingly hit .340 last year,” and he’d go, “No, he hit .343.” If you gave a buck to a Salvation Army guy on the street, he’d go to the ATM and give the guy a twenty, is how a friend put it. He tries to be a goody-goody. It’s a different kind of arrogance than Bonds. (I don’t think he has the stones to be like Bonds.)

He’s already a Hall of Famer six ways to Sunday, and he’s only 32. He always hustles. I’m eager to keep watching him play for the Yanks. So he’s not perfect, he’s got two left feet when it comes to handling things. He’s like a manicured, movie-star/jock version of Michael Scott–he always says the wrong thing. He’s not as funny, but he’s often just as painful. And like Scott, he just wants to be loved. In a strange way, I find his A-Rodness endearing, even if it is annoying. So, he’s meshugenah? Since when doesn’t that play in New York?

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