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Coming Around the Bend

At New York Magazine, Will Leitch adds his two cents about the ailing Jorge Posada.

You think this is bad? Wait until it happens to the team’s other nineties icons. Rivera is defying time with another peerless season, but Derek Jeter is in the seventh year of the ten-year contract that makes him the second-highest paid player in baseball (behind A-Rod, of course.) But forget the oft-debated (but still plainly obvious) defensive liability; the “Face of Baseball” is having the worst offensive season of his career. (As much as Posada has struggled, he has still hit better than Jeter by almost any metric.) As long as the Yankees are still making the playoffs, Jeter might be able to slide by unnoticed, but if they fall short…well, are you ready for chants of “Bench Jeter”?

It’s hard to imagine Jeter aging gracefully isn’t it? And jeez, if Rodriguez starts to break-down, like Chipper Jones has for instance, it will get downright fugly.

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