"A New York Treasure" --Village Voice

Our Man Moose

It is a gorgeous day in New York City.  I picked up some San Marzano tomatoes at a nearby Farmer’s Market and then noticed a twenty dollar bill on the pavement.  Two gentlemen were standing a few feet away from me and they saw it too.  I was closer so I bent over, picked it up and looked around to see if anyone would claim it.  One of the men said, "I think it was that girl in the white t-shirt, go after her."  So I did.  I hustled half a block away and asked the woman in the white shirt if the bill was hers.  She looked confused. 

Ethics, Belth, ethics

I could have kept the dough.  It didn’t look like it belonged to her.  But I gave it to her anyhow and said, "Welp, if it ain’t yours, at least you are twenty dollars richer now."  I held out my hand for her to slap me five, but she balked.  Maybe she thought I was asking for half of it in return.  Ah, people just don’t slap each other five like they used to, do they?

I walked away and when I passed the two guys I told them I didn’t think it was hers.  "Well, maybe you’ll get it in return someday," one of them said, "and much more than twenty bucks."

Who knows?  Karma is a funny thing.  Speaking of which, the Yankee season has boiled down to me rooting for Mike Mussina to win twenty games more than anything else.  Knowing his "luck" he’ll end up with eighteen or nineteen.  But luck can change at the drop of a dime.

Enjoy the day, and let’s go Yankees.


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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver