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Dress Down Friday

After my last guest shot on New York Baseball Today the producer said that I should feel free to dress down the next time. “You can be casual,” he said, explaining they were looking to capture the true fan experience. So I wore a t-shirt yesterday. The producer, who is a good guy, nearly gasped when he saw me and when we were finished he mentioned that the t-shirt was too casual, which just goes to show everyone has their own idea of what is casual.

Ted Berg and I had to do three takes because of various screw-ups on our part and also because we kept going long. It’s amazing what a skill it is to not only sound articulate when you are looking into a camera but to be able to get your point across in a pointed and succinct manner. Especially when your natural inclination is to be expansive. I tripped over a bunch of my words during our third and final take but still had a good time with Ted. Hey, it’s a learning process, right?

Anyhow, here’s the bit:

In other news, here is an update on the story about the police at Yankee Stadium during “God Bless America,” and something to make you really depressed: the high cost of watching the Yanks play in their new ballpark.

And, oh, one last note: how beautiful was Mariano Rivera’s performance last night? It was vintage stuff, wasn’t it?

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