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The Stick

Tyler Kepner had a good piece on Nick Johnson yesterday in the Times. I love Johnson, so I’m hoping he stays healthy, cause if he does, chances are the man will produce:

He does not want to think of himself as the guy who walks a lot.

“It goes back and forth with me in my head, because when I’m not swinging well or I get in a little funk, it’s because I’m passive, and I’m 0-2 like that,” Johnson said on Tuesday, snapping his fingers for emphasis. “I don’t mind hitting with two strikes, but when those times come, I have to be conscious of it, know it, and I’ve got to be ready to hit. I can always go back to being comfortable and walking.”

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1 Sliced Bread   ~  Mar 18, 2010 2:12 pm

Sing it with me Nancy Sinatra stylee:

Nick's stick is made for walkin',
and that's just what he'll do...
0-2 count don't matter
Nick's stick is gonna walk all over you.

are ya ready, Stick?
start walkin!

2 a.O   ~  Mar 18, 2010 2:18 pm

And if he doesn't stay healthy, are we going to get to see Montero DH?

3 Sliced Bread   ~  Mar 18, 2010 2:27 pm

[2] fine by me. If it looks like Stick will be down for a few weeks, I'd give the kid his at-bats. Not at #2 though.

4 Yankster   ~  Mar 18, 2010 5:43 pm

i was not happy when Nick was traded away, but then I found myself in DC and was happy again. Then he made it back to Yankees, which for me means I get to see him 10 times in Baltimore. Very exciting. Can't wait to see him reproduce his gonzo OBP.

5 Cliff Corcoran   ~  Mar 18, 2010 6:16 pm

[2] Sounds like that's a distinct possibility, though Montero will have to hit in Triple-A first. Not that I'm worried he won't.

6 Mattpat11   ~  Mar 18, 2010 8:07 pm

[2] I hope you're right. i fear we're going to be seeing a lot of lineups with both Gardner and Winn though.

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