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New York City is covered in snow.


[Photo Credit: fiveoutsiders.com]

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1 RIYank   ~  Dec 27, 2010 7:52 am

It snowed all day yesterday here on Cape Cod, but then rained overnight. Not so pretty now, but at least the travel is easy. I'll probably spend the day in the jacuzzi anyway.

Here's to snowmen!

2 Alex Belth   ~  Dec 27, 2010 8:03 am

Yeah, it's ILL out there in NYC. But always kind of cool when the city is slowed by the elements.

3 weeping for brunnhilde   ~  Dec 27, 2010 12:15 pm

[1] Oh, you fucking braggart! I hate you and your jacuzzi.

4 weeping for brunnhilde   ~  Dec 27, 2010 12:16 pm

[2] Remember about fifteen years ago during some blizzard when the city was closed down and the Times ran a photo of people skiing at Times Square like it was the arctic? That was very cool.

5 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 27, 2010 12:23 pm

I promised my nephew that at the first big snow I was going to take him upstate to the big hills I used to sled on in my youth. Problem is, I can't even get out the door...

6 thelarmis   ~  Dec 27, 2010 1:54 pm

[1] the travel is NOT easy. my family's flight to visit me in Atlanta was canceled. it was supposed to be Sun-Thurs. now, it'll be Wed-Sun. thing is, over the weekend is New Year's, so their hotel was already booked and many of the things we wanted to do will be closed, due to the "holiday." total fucking bollocks.

at least they'll be here for a few days. whilst you're in the jacuzzi, i'll be hard at work finishing the last 2 compositions for my 2nd percussion cd...

[5] i used to go sledding in Grant Park on Long Island. we'd sled, then ice skate. one year, i was walking up the hill with my sled and someone's sled came racing down the hill right into my freaking nose!!! ouchie. i think what hurt more was seeing all the red drops of blood in the snow as i was being carried to first aid. luckily, it wasn't that bad and i was back sledding soon thereafter!

7 thelarmis   ~  Dec 27, 2010 1:55 pm

ugh. word press is awful. won't accept any cursing. i didn't even know i cursed. it was just 'colorful'. now, it's awaiting moderation. of course.


8 Mattpat11   ~  Dec 27, 2010 2:13 pm

I'm not built for this weather

9 RIYank   ~  Dec 27, 2010 4:49 pm

[6] Oh, I just meant the local travel is easy now. I know air travel is a disaster (a friend whom I was supposed to meet in Boston can't make it). Sorry, man!

Just got back from the beach. Twelve foot waves, rolling in at about 40 mph.

10 OldYanksFan   ~  Dec 27, 2010 7:45 pm

Why it's downright tropical up North here in New Hampshire. Barely 12 inches of powder, which impaired for roads for about 4 hours. All clear now but it is still windy. Nice weather coming on Wednesday.

How much snow did ya all get in NYC?
I heard one place in Jersey got 30 inches!

11 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 27, 2010 8:46 pm

[6] Sledding is made for imminent disaster. The street we lived on went straight up the side of a medium hill and all the neighborhood kids would pack down the ditches and sled from the top down. Sometimes we had to direct ourselves around parked cars in order to make it all the way down. So one day there was a big snow and all the kids were out sledding down the hill and around a parked car near the bottom; sometimes we went down as a chain of sleds and sometimes we raced each other to the bottom. I was racing one kid down and he grabbed the back of my sled and guided the both of us toward the park car. I waved and kicked frantically, but he didn't let go and we both careened toward and under the car.

Suddenly I whipped my arms out and grabbed the back bumper, stopping us immediately. There was an eerie silence for almost a minute, and I looked up. My nose was less than an inch away from the transmission.

I wanna say I got up and beat the living crap out of the kid, but I was caught up in one of those moments of clarity you hear about. At any rate, I didn't have to; apparently life beat the crap out of him when he grew up.

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