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Good stuff from Joel Sherman today in the Post. First, from his column:

Look, next month is 22 years at The Post for me, so I like a juicy rogue general manager story as much as the next tabloid nut. I just wish the facts — not appearances — corroborated the story du jour that goes like this: Cashman has gone off the pinstriped reservation because he wants to get himself fired or to end up as a small-market GM to prove he can win big without a huge payroll.

Cashman insisted to me he does not want out. His friends insisted to me that he does not want out. A few weeks back, this guy rappelled down the side of a building for his kids. So if the conspiracy theories are now to be believed, that same guy now is willing to pull his kids from school in Connecticut — and his wife away from her beloved twin sister — all in the name of having, what, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ payroll?

And from this exclusive with Baby Boss Hal Steinbrenner:

As for the Soriano matter, Steinbrenner said he listened to Cashman, but decided to authorize the signing because he felt the club needed an “impact” move this offseason. However, he blessed Cashman’s behavior at the press conference.

“I value his opinion and his advice,” Steinbrenner said. “That does not mean I am always going to go with that advice and all of my VPs know that I might go a different way. There are no hard feelings between Cash and I. There never was. Reasonable men can differ in opinions.

“I keep reading about dissension and discord. We are a well-functioning company. The bosses have a decision to make. Sometimes people don’t agree with those decisions. So I told him, ‘You are always honest with the media, be honest now. Tell them what you have to tell them.’ I was already onto the next decision. I told him, ‘You and I are fine. Answer in any way you want.’ We are not always going to be on the same page. It is my job to think what is best for the family, partners and company.”


1 monkeypants   ~  Jan 28, 2011 8:55 am

Dear God, please let pitchers and catchers report soon.

2 bp1   ~  Jan 28, 2011 9:18 am

[1] Amen to that. Freaking YES network has turned into the English Soccer League channel. Whatever happened to the good old classic games that would keep us sane during long winters like this one? MLB Network is just as bad - showing the same old talk shows over and over and over and over. The dream of MLB network showing some of the classic old games is dead I guess. Just another network for ex-athletes to yack it up with their buds.

Pitches and Catchers will sound especially sweet this year.

3 Shaun P.   ~  Jan 28, 2011 9:24 am

[2] "Pitches and Catchers will sound especially sweet this year" - especially with all of this snow on the ground (and more supposedly on the way).

[0] Good stuff, Alex. This morning on my drive to work, I finally listened to Jonah Keri's podcast with you. It was phenomenal. I was sad when it was done, because I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you both.

4 rbj   ~  Jan 28, 2011 9:36 am

[2] Heck, why not show winter league or Venezuela league games.

This is why I have no trust in media anymore, they have gone the National Enquirer route and try to make up controversies out of nothing.

5 Raf   ~  Jan 28, 2011 12:44 pm

[2] They took the same 5 games they were using out of the rotation. I am a bit surprised they didn't run clip shows or complete games that they're counting down. Guess they don't have the money, or they think it's not worth the money? Hell, I'd settle for broadcasting the MLB tapes they used to have back in the day (WS reviews, 50 greatest HR's, Rally Time!, Baseballs Greatest Plays, etc)

[4] You'll have to go to one of the Fox Sports affiliates or ESPN deportes for winter league action.

6 MDF   ~  Jan 28, 2011 2:16 pm

"There are no hard feelings between Cash and I."

Grammatical error made only by people who are afraid of making a grammatical error.

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