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“Cold, Cold Heart”–Hank Williams

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1 Evil Empire   ~  Oct 14, 2012 12:12 pm

When I saw Jeter go down I knew immediately that he'd broken his ankle. Even though his pants are baggy you can pretty much see it give on replay. All I could think is "what if?" in reflecting back on the last inning. Ichiro on 1st with nobody out in the 11th. If he steals a bag there and gets moved over to third, I have to think we never see the 12th, never see David Phelps and never see a freak injury.

I'd like to believe that Jayson Nix can channel his inner-Brian Doyle [FN1] and come up big. I'd like to believe that Arod will be able to turn it around and carry this team and win one for the Jeter. I hope that Cano, Granders and Swish can find themselves and start mashing. I'd love to see Nix, Ichiro, Martin and Chavez get some big hits in big spots. And I'd like to see the rotation and BP take control.

But in my heart I believe the Yanks' season was broken last night along with Jeter's ankle.

[FN1] I know Doyle was a second sacker in the '78 series.

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