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Flavorwire gives us filmmakers talkin’ bout New York.


“I’m obsessed with this city. I just find it so remarkable. You really treasure this city when you go to different countries and you see that there is no mix. When you get back to the city, it’s such an exciting place. New Yorkers, we walk in the street, we talk to ourselves. But the issue is the energy, the excitement, and the different ethnic groups all mixed together. We’re spoiled being here.”

“If I continue to make films about New York, they will probably be set in the past. The ‘new’ New York I don’t know much about. It’s not that I’m against contemporary film. I’m open to it in general, but I find the new colors of the city, the new Times Square, kind of shocking. I guess I’m stuck in a time warp.”

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1 Chyll Will   ~  Jan 23, 2013 2:05 pm

I agree with Martin in respect to the "time warp" liking of NYC; the NYC of today vs yesterday is different in my point of view chiefly because of the effects of skyrocketing property values and ridiculous use and visibility of ads, not to mention a needless desire to compete with other "progressive" cities around the country. To me, NYC is not about reminding people of home, it is what it is. Just my opinion though, not like others aren't valid.

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