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Beat of the Day


Monday Funski:

[Photo Via: Lushlight]

I’ve Got No Expectations

 MLB: Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians

Man, sour times for Jesus Montero. From the Seattle Times:

After each season, players meet with training and medical staff to set up their offseason. Each player is given a target weight they are expected to come in at for the following season. According to sources, Montero has never once met that target weight since joining the Mariners. This year he came in 40 pounds over the weight the Mariners wanted him to come in at.

It’s led to frustration within the organization. General manager Jack Zduriencik was particularly critical of Montero and his future.

“We are disappointed in how he came in physically,” Zduriencik said bluntly.

That disinterest in conditioning in the offseason didn’t do much change the minds of people who have been skeptical of Montero’s work ethic. It certainly didn’t inspire Zduriencik, who was clearly unhappy with the situation.

“It’s up to him,” Zduriencik said. ” I have zero expectations for Jesus Montero. Any expectations I had are gone.”

[Photo Credit: USATSI]

Stick Around


Gardner agrees to a contract extension. 

Sundazed Soul


“So Good to Be Here”–Al Green

[Picture Via: Great Art in Ugly Rooms]

Saturdazed Soul


Frankie And Johnny

[Picture by Petra Collins]

Afternoon Art


de Kooning.

Where & When: Game 42

We’re back home in the city for Where & When today.  I’m not going to say much this time; if you know me well enough, I’m sure you can pick up something from that.

Where & When Game 42b

Sorry about the low resolution, but it was something I had to finagle with first since it was small, and it was the most unique pic I could find through Google, though I’m sure others exist somewhere out of my current reach. Tell us where this is, and an approximation of when.  The bonus, well… tell us when it was built and by whom, any significant events and what is it’s current status, if any.

I’m afraid I will have to break from tradition today to serve another one; my treat for anyone who comes up with answers; a street vendor buffet for everyone. See you all on the flipside!

[Photo Credit: LaGaurdia & Wagner Archives]

Taster’s Cherce


Since there is a certain Bronx Boy now living down south who digs citrus, check out this kumquat marmalade.

Do the Tighten Up


If there is a bigger question mark for the Yankees this year than the health of Mark Teixeira I’d like to know what it is.

Sure, there’s Jeter’s health too, and C.C. Sabathia, and David Robertson as closer, and what’s what at second and third…OK, fine: there’s a bunch of things to gnaw over.

But Teixeira, man, I just don’t have a good feeling.

[Photo Credit: Corey Sipkin/N.Y. Daily News]

Where & When: Game 41

Hello globetrotters, welcome to another edition of Where & When.  I’m being a bit oblique with this one because there are probably a few people who are far away out of town who will get this one almost immediately, or if they care to, they can look it up since it still exists; though in a restored fashion. This is sort of a tribute to folks who don’t get a chance to play, but still admire the way we play the game:

Click to enlarge photo

Click to enlarge photo

I’m just gonna leave this here and talk about it after the guessing is through. It might take all night to get the right answer, but we’ll revisit then if we must.  A nice-sized teacup of floral Jasmine tea for winner and ramen for the rest of us. You know the rules; get at it fellows.

[Photo Credit: JT]

Taster’s Cherce



Morning Art


Picture by our man Bags. Who has been on fire of late.

New York Minute


But beautiful.

Beat of the Day


Sweet Sueno.

[Photo Credit: Jan Persson]

Garbo Speaks


Derek Jeter spoke to reporters today. The always excellent Chad Jennings has the skinny. 

And here’s some good stuff about Ichi. 

[Photo Credit: John Dunn]

Morning Art


Picture by Nikolai Larin.

That’s LIFE


It’s spring time in Florida.

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