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I feel asleep hoping for the best. The Yanks had a nice comeback to bring last night’s game to extra innings. I admit, I flipped back-and-forth between the game and the NBA playoffs (Damian Lillard!).

That nice comeback turned ended in frustration–the Score Truck be broke–as the Rays finally broke a 5-5 tie in the 14th inning and beat the Yankees, 10-5.

Lo Hud has the unhappy recap.

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1 Boatzilla   ~  May 3, 2014 10:34 am

Jeter sits.
Ace is back....dum,da,dum,dum,DUM!

2 Sliced Bread   ~  May 3, 2014 11:25 am

I didn't get to the TV until the 6th inning or so, and flipped back and forth with the Rangers game, which had a lot more energy.
The Yanks comeback was fun, but the extra innings were excruciating, until the bullpen (what I call the Warren Commission) finally collapsed under the weight of Maddon's genius. Fuckfackfugginfak.

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