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The Success of Failure

Derek Jeter

If there’s been one consistent annoyance about Derek Jeter’s game over the years it’s his penchant for the sacrifice bunt. Sometimes, of course, it’s the right move. Sometimes, he’s just following orders. But there are time, like yesterday in the 9th inning with Brett Gardner on second and nobody out, where I yelled, “just swing away, Jeets, drive him in, don’t just move him over.” Well, Jeter tried to bunt anyhow, four times in a row. He took two pitches for balls, another two for strikes. And then he singled past the second basemen, and Gardner scored the go-ahead–and winning–run.

On an afternoon where the Bombers got another impressive start out of Shane Greene, they edged-out the Rays, 3-2.

[Photo Credit: AP via Chad Jennings]

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1 Chyll Will   ~  Aug 17, 2014 12:44 pm

If the Yanks ever figure out how to prevent their starters from breaking down so easily and readily, they'd have a rotation that could carry them for years to come. Such that it is that they have a whole lot of soul searching to do in the off-season.

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