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Where & When: Game 70 (Bulldog Edition)

Hey, anybody here? It’s late night at Where & When! Why, you ask? Well, we do have quite a few fans from far flung places who unfortunately don’t get a chance to play during the time I normally posts these thanks to the Earth’s rotation and all, so I’m posting this as a special request for our super fans on the planet Krypton (well, it might as well be!) to give them a chance to enjoy the challenge. By the way, this is not limited to one country or region; anyone around the world is welcome to submit a request to highlight any region of the globe that interests you and I’ll run a special challenge for you during your normal hours of operation 🙂 In the meantime:

Where & When Game 70Nice! Urban architecture seems to have a universal style much of the time (and era), this could easily be anywhere in New York… but it’s not.  That’s my only clue for tonight; I’m sure you guys can get the rest from the pic.  Same rules apply as always, and same rewards as well.  Show your math to how you arrived at your answers. I don’t know what to offer as a bonus, so I’ll just leave it up to anyone who wishes to share some stories or tidbits about the location to share with the rest of us.  I’ll check back later in the evening or sometime in the morning, but in the meantime have fun! And, yunnow… no peeking!

Photo Credit: Old Tokyo

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1 RIYank   ~  Mar 27, 2015 4:30 am

Hey, nice!

Even without the signage there's a big clue: the cars are driving on the left side of the street.
I'll guess 1935 (from the cars, but that's assuming they're American!) and leave the Where-specifics to our friends. Surely the sun has risen there by now... 目を覚ます!

2 rbj   ~  Mar 27, 2015 8:00 am

Kanji characters. Niddondo sounds more Japanese than Chinese or Korean.
And there is Time Life in English. Definitely pre WWII but post WWI. China was a mess at the time and Japan had already invaded Korea, so I'm going with it being Japan. And as the Banter has a couple of members in Tokyo, I'm going with it being Tokyo.

As for when, why, from the clock it is 11:55 a.m.

3 Alex Belth   ~  Mar 27, 2015 8:26 am

Canal street?

4 RIYank   ~  Mar 27, 2015 8:49 am

Oh, it's Japan, for sure. The driving on the left side eliminates Korea and China, right? And there's a storefront labeled "Nippondo", and another that I can't read but the word is clearly Japanese, not Chinese or Korean.
Of course, driving on the left side doesn't eliminate Canal St...

5 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Mar 27, 2015 5:23 pm

Is it the WAKO building intersection in Ginza??? I can't quite make out the characters on the building but the clock is landmark.

From the look of the people's clothes it seems to be slightly after the war..also the Nippondo sign is written left to right 日本堂..if it was pre war it would be 堂本日 possibly (they went right to left often with signs before the war).

6 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Mar 27, 2015 5:30 pm

Yep, WAKO building Ginza! Here it is currently: https://tokyobling.wordpress.com/tag/wako-building/

7 Chyll Will   ~  Mar 28, 2015 1:49 pm

Yes indeed, Ginza Crossing; picture says c.1940 and I don't know enough about the regional history to know if that's right or wrong. Looks like a happenin' spot from the modern pic.

8 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Mar 29, 2015 6:14 am

[7] 1940, I really thought it was later..but then again from 45 to maybe 48/9 there would have been nothing in the picture except for the WAKO building itself. All destroyed in the bombing raids.

9 Boatzilla   ~  Mar 30, 2015 12:40 am

Dang. Snooze and you lose.

Of course that's the Wako Building in Ginza. A mere 200 paces or so from my office. For the record, that is pronounced more like "walk" than "whack," and definitely not like that place in Texas.

I would not have guessed the date, though. At least not right away.

No more street cars in Tokyo….and the Apple Store is just down that road past Wako on the left side.

Thanks Chyll

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