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Hello again, welcome back to Where & When! As we return to our regularly scheduled…

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I am a film maker, actor, writer and graphic artist; I created a comic strip called "Ozzark & Company" in 1982 which I still wrote/drew to 2005, after which I entered a self-imposed sabbatical while I develop my writer/director career. I work on many film crews in the NYC area as a Key PA and/or backup utility.

I support up-and-coming filmmakers like myself and in my spare time I am technical director of a cable access show based in the Bronx called "Man Banter", which is coincidentally close to to "Bronx Banter" where I also spend a lot of time commenting on various posts and other comments with signature wit, sarcasm, blithe and non-sequitur.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver