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I don’t think Alex Rodriguez is going to stay healthy all year. But that constant worry aside, he’s been fun to watch, huh? Passing the greats on the RBI list, approaching 3,000 hits. I know I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

The other night, David Cone said he spoke with Rodriguez who told him how much of a relief it was not to play the field. We often hear hitters complain that they don’t like DH’ing because it takes them out of the game. But at Rodriguez’s age, he’s played the field enough. Standing on the hard infield in spikes is murder on your back., not to mention the mental focus playing the field takes. Now, Rodriguez’s job is to concentrate on getting a few good swings each game. Yes, he guesses. (Recently, he’s gone down to one knee, Reggie-Beltre-style, on some of his big hacks.)

I wonder how much he thinks about Edgar Martinez, the wonderful DH he played with early in his career.

Rodriguez slapped a 3-run home run yesterday which was enough to give Michael Pineda (nice bounce back start) and the bullpen all the runs they’d need as the Yanks completed a 3-game sweep of the Royals, 4-2.

Next stop, late night’s out west in Oakland and then Seattle.

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1 Greg G   ~  May 28, 2015 12:38 pm

If Big (Cookie Monster) Papi can handle the rigors of DH and still be productive, there is no reason to think that ARod can't. ARod is a minotaur and Big Papi is the size of a Krakken.

2 thelarmis   ~  May 28, 2015 9:08 pm

I love west coast games!

Is this the game thread?

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