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Book it, Dano

Baseball. Remember that?

Well, over at Esquire I compiled a list of 100 great baseball books. Give a look.

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1 rbj   ~  Jan 27, 2022 5:22 pm

Cool, just ordered Baseball the Early Years

2 rob_smith_51   ~  Jan 27, 2022 10:45 pm

I came here to see if anybody had thoughts about the Hall of Fame voting.

I really, really don't like Curt Schilling, but his numbers are indistinguishable from Mussina's plus he has the 2 WS titles. I didn't think he had any PED suspicions.

Speaking of PEDs, I am surprised David Ortiz is the one guy who is tied to PEDs, but gets a pass. He probably had the numbers, but he is a full-time DH. It seems like Red Sox are good at selling their guys for the awards. I don't have a big problem with him getting in, but I found it interesting.

3 Alex Belth   ~  Feb 6, 2022 8:16 am

I'm not so interested in the Hall. It is similar to the Academy Awards to me.

I think Schilling is a louse, but there are a lot of louses already in the Hall. Based on his performance on the field, I think he is a Hall of Famer.

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