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What follows is the transcript of a press conference convened in the early hours of Monday, July 10, in the Yankee Stadium press room. The press had gathered to hear from Hal Steinbrenner, chairman and managing general partner of Yankee Global Enterprises; Brian Cashman, general manager of the New York Yankees; Aaron Boone, field manager of the New York Yankees; Aaron Judge, team captain of the New York Yankees; Derek Jeter, Hall of Fame shortstop and Captain Emeritus of the New York Yankees; Jason Zillo, vice president of Communications and Media Relations for the New York Yankees; and Hank Waddles, writer for the New York Yankees blog, Bronx Banter.

Zillo: Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you so much for being here on what should be a rare off day for all of you. With that in mind, I’m going to hand things over immediately to Mr. Steinbrenner.

Steinbrenner: Thank you so much, Jason. I think everyone here knows that success and failure here is measured by only one metric. My wife and I were vacationing recently at a villa in Northern Italy, and I just couldn’t take any more of these reports I was getting from the states. The losses. The struggling offense. I knew that my father wouldn’t have been able to stomach it. You know, people don’t think I hear the criticism, but I do. I know that people think I’m not my father, that I don’t want to win the way he did, but let me tell you… So I got Cash on the phone, and I told him enough was enough.

Cashman: I can confirm all of that. Mr. Steinbrenner — this Mr. Steinbrenner — wants to win just as badly as his father did. Even more so, I think sometimes. So we’re making some changes at the organizational level. It’s unusual for any team, especially for this organization, to make sweeping changes in the middle of the season, but here’s why…

[Cashman takes a large championship ring off of his finger and forcefully bangs it on the table in front of him before continuing.]

Cashman: This is ring #27, from 2009. I look at this ring every night before I go to sleep, and I can’t believe it’s been fourteen years since our organization won this ring. Four. [click] Teen. [click] Years. [click]. And it’s not good enough. So I decided to look in the mirror, and I realized that I have to take some responsibility. Maybe I have to step back.

Jack Curry: Are you resigning?

Steinbrenner: Brian is not resigning, and he hasn’t been fired. We’re just reimagining things. I think I’ve come up with a way to help the office run more smoothly. We’ll have co-general managers going forward.

Brian Hoch: How can that possibly work? Who’s in charge? Is this new guy the assistant general manager, or the assistant to the general manager?

Steinbrenner: Again, these are co-general managers. Brian will be in charge of big picture decisions (budget, salaries, scouting) and his co-general manager — this morning we’re introducing Hank Waddles — will be in charge of the day-to-day stuff. Trades, roster decisions. He’ll also consult with Boone on lineup constructions and bullpen usage.

Curry: I’ve got two questions for Waddles. One, what makes you qualified for this position? Two, when can we expect to see some changes?

Waddles: Thanks for that question, Jack. First of all, I’m more than qualified. I’ve been watching Yankees baseball for more than forty years now. My entire life has been preparation for this moment. But really, this isn’t rocket science, which brings me to your second question. I’ve got some changes to announce right now.

First, we made a few transactions just a few minutes ago. Josh Donaldson has been designated for assignment. I don’t think I should have to explain that move to anyone here, but I will because it highlights a major change in this organization. If you look at the back of his baseball card, you’ll see that Donaldson was once a great player, but that’s no longer the case. I actually had a conversation with Boone about this. He keeps saying that Donaldson has had just one bad month, but it’s been more than bad. It’s been historically awful. In 99 at bats, he has ten home runs, five singles, and 31 strikeouts — balanced against just eleven walks. And this idea that this is just one bad month? In 132 games last year he was actually worse with an OPS of .682. This organization can’t have a player like that taking up roster space, so his locker is empty right now. I wish him well.

Next, we’re sending Billy McKinney and Franchy Cordero back to Scranton. We’re considering trade options for them, but you won’t see them in pinstripes again. They both filled in when they were needed, but I just don’t believe that they have anything else to offer. We’ve seen their ceilings. And just so you know where we’re headed, there are a couple other players you won’t be seeing in the Bronx any time soon — Willie Calhoun and Jake Bauers.

We’ve also called up Oswald Peraza from Scranton, which might not be that much of a surprise. Also, releasing Donaldson opens up a spot on the 40-man, and we’re filling that with Estevan Florial. He’ll be joining the team in Colorado and starting in left field. He’ll continue in that spot at least through the end of July.

Hoch: Can you explain your rationale for those moves?

Waddles: You know the rationale for those moves. First of all, we can’t continue to play D.J. LeMahieu every night and just keep telling each other that he’s better than what he’s shown. Well you know what he’s shown? He’s shown us exactly who he is, and there’s no sense putting him in the lineup every night just because of who we’re wishing he could be. Peraza has been playing third down at Scranton, and now he’s gonna play third for us up here. Just like Florial, he’ll have a thirty-game stretch to show us what he can do. We believe he’s gonna be great.

And Florial? That’s the easiest of all these decisions. This is a kid with a .985 OPS. I mean, NINE-EIGHTY-FIVE! What is he even doing in Scranton when we can’t score any runs in the Bronx? What else does this kid have to prove?

Cashman: To be honest, I had completely forgotten he was even in the organization until Hank reminded me this morning.

Steinbrenner: It really is the perfect example of big-picture-little-picture.

Waddles: He probably still strikes out a bit too much, but here we are at the all-star break and he’s got 21 home runs and 18 steals. There aren’t too many players in baseball with that type of a power-speed package, and since we’ve got a glaring hole in left field, this move is obvious. The organization placed bets on all these guys multiple times over the years when they decided against signing any of those marquee free agents, decided against including them in deadline deals that could’ve helped us in the short term. You can only hold your cards for so long. I believe it’s time to lay our cards on the table and see what happens. It’s been working well so far with Anthony Volpe, and we believe — I believe — it’ll work with this group as well.

Curry: What do these moves mean for Isaiah Kiner-Falefa? And is this a rebuild?

Waddles: This might surprise you, but I’m a big IKF fan. We’re lucky to have him. Booney and I have been talking, and I think he’ll still be in the lineup somewhere at least four or five nights a week. But this is definitely not a rebuild. We’re here to win games and win championships. Period. But what have we been doing so far in 2024? Who here feels like the old model was working?

Curry: A question for Aaron Boone. How do you feel about all this? It seems like you’ve lost some of your autonomy.

Boone: You know, that’s not how I see it. Hanky and I spent some time this morning…

Waddles: Never call me that.

Boone: Sorry about that, it’s just a tendency. Hank and I spoke this morning for a while when we met, and here’s what strikes me about him. I really like his compete. You know, he’s gonna get after it. I’m not worried about this at all — our working relationship or this team in general. I mean, I’m excited! Right? We’re in a position to get everything we want. It’s all right there in front of us, and with our rotation coming together — for the first time really — gosh, I’m just excited! And Hank’s got some great ideas.

Waddles: And here’s another one. Giancarlo Stanton is our right fielder. End of discussion. We’ll get him off his feet a couple times a week and give him a DH night, but he’s our right fielder. So through the rest of this month and into August, here’s the lineup you’ll see:

C Higashioka/Treviño
1B Rizzo
2B Torres
3B Peraza
SS Volpe
LF Florial
CF Bader
RF Stanton
DH LeMahieu

But we’ll roll IKF through second, third, and the outfield spots to give guys time at DH. I’d imagine IKF will start more games than D.J. Doesn’t that sound about right, Aaron?

Boone: Yes, that’s what we talked about. Again, I really like the looks of this lineup.

Waddles: Oh, and another thing — the Martian will be landing on September 1st, guaranteed, and he’ll be playing. It seems like the Yankees have been the only team in baseball that’s afraid to bring up young prospects, but that stops now. I mean, the only reason he isn’t coming up right now is that we’ve got Florial and Peraza ready to contribute. But you can mark your calendars right now — Jasson Dominguez will be in the starting lineup on September 1st. To help move him along, we’re moving him up to Scranton today.

Hoch: And what about when Judge returns? How will he impact all this?

Judge: Maybe I should answer that. What everyone knows but is afraid to say out loud is this — I don’t know if I’m gonna be back out on the field this season. No one knows. This team can’t afford to wait for me, they’ve got to get out there every night and compete, and this line up gives us the best shot at that. If I can get back sometime in August or September, I’ll just fit in wherever and whenever Hank and Aaron — hey, did you hear that? Hank… Aaron? Anyway, I’ll be happy to jump in wherever they feel like I can help the team.

Curry: I’m wondering something else. Derek, why are you here this morning? What’s your role in all this?

Jeter: No reason, really. No role. They mentioned that I was always Hank’s favorite player, so I thought it would be cool to stop by and say hello.

Waddles: Yes. It’s been very cool. Now let’s get to work.

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1 rbj   ~  Jul 11, 2023 2:29 pm

Heh. But yeah, this team needs a shake up.

2 Bronx Boy in NC   ~  Jul 11, 2023 3:19 pm

I can imagine this striking you, Hank, as either a criticism or a compliment -- rest assured it's the latter:

What makes this sad alongside the funny is that there isn't anything outlandish here. You're saying out loud what millions of observant fans would say more or less off the top of their heads (with some excellent next-level flourishes to be sure).

Someone needs to present this post to the real Cashman at a presser and demand: Well, why isn't this happening?

Only thing to add:

"Also, the Yankees have today filed suit against the Dodgers for letting their dumpster of a facility rob our captain and reigning MVP of two-thirds of a season. We will accept compensatory judgment in the form of player personnel at our discretion."

3 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 11, 2023 6:12 pm

I think that was generally my point — in this imagined fairly tale, I’m speaking for the masses. We all see what’s going on.

4 rob_smith_51   ~  Jul 11, 2023 7:06 pm

What is with all the Rangers starting in the all star game?

5 rbj   ~  Jul 11, 2023 7:47 pm

[4] +138 run diff. Unlike the Yankees, they can hit.

6 Alex Belth   ~  Jul 12, 2023 7:32 am

Hank, this was great. Thank you!

7 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 12, 2023 11:26 am

"Since Judge went out with a toe injury, the Yankees have scored the second-fewest runs in MLB, ahead of only the 26-65 Kansas City Royals. Their average is the worst over that span and their on-base percentage is second-worst. Welcome to the Bronx, Sean."

8 mhoward120   ~  Jul 12, 2023 5:10 pm

Nothing that the Yankees have ever done in the 60+ years I’ve been a huge fan is as offensive as the new Starr Insurance patch. It’s an absolute desecration of the most famous uniform in all of sports. I’ve never heard of Starr but fuck them to the moon and back.

9 Bronx Boy in NC   ~  Jul 14, 2023 10:40 am

[8] That really does burn me up.

3.03(j): No part of the uniform shall include patches or designs relating to commercial advertisements.

It is beat-your-head-against-the-wall baffling that the entire sport just pretends one of its own rules isn't there anymore.

In addition to the whole thing being tawdry as you observed.

10 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 12:28 pm

[0] "Boone: You know, that’s not how I see it. Hanky and I spent some time this morning…

Waddles: Never call me that."

Awwww ... you have heard ME!

11 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 7:48 pm

(0) Fantastic Hank!! 100% accurate and hysterical.
I’m already tired of hearing about Sean Casey and it’s been half an inning. But the Rockies…just what we need for a hot start to the second half. Stanton 455ft so easily.

Oh, and I’m so excited about the new insurance company latched on the Yankee uniforms! Maybe that revenue will go towards singing Ohtani!!

12 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 7:51 pm

Josh Donaldson is literally DHiing..at what point do any of the official Yankee media start questioning Cashman and Boone about these awful lineups??

13 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 7:51 pm

Kris Bryant is on the Rockies?? He’s a good player l, how’s he end up there??

14 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:10 pm

Rodon doesn’t have it tonight..Sigh….

15 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:18 pm

[14] Hey ... OK!

16 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:20 pm

[11] "Maybe that revenue will go towards singing Ohtani!!"

Oh, my sweet summer child ...

17 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:32 pm

Hi cult! Man, I’d embrace a patch for Eddie Moscone’s Bail Bonds if they go get Ohtani and Soto!

18 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:33 pm

Sadly, this team isn't about winning ... it's about winning "enough"

19 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:37 pm

And right ... it's not even about *that*

20 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:37 pm

Rodon giving up a bomb to a Rockie Reject….
May switch to Astros-Angels shortly…

21 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:38 pm

Is there buzz about Ohtani over there ... in a general sense?

22 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:44 pm

For sure, all his games are shown on the national network, and he had a lot of endorsements. Even Mrs.Jazz and the Jazz Princess here know him (and they can ‘maybe’ name two other baseball players, Arron Judge and possibly Derek Jeter..)

23 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:48 pm

My bet is the Dodgers > Giants > Mariners > Padres

In that order.

24 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 8:54 pm

I don't think the Yankees will mount anything resembling a serious pursuit of Shohei ... not after signing Judge.

This team is trapped in a purgatory of their own making.

25 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:12 pm

In for the end. I have seen a few games at Coors field. 20+ years ago. Amazing place to see a ball game. Also, donaldson fucking sucks.

26 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:17 pm

Who are the most hated Yankees of the last 20+ years? Has Donaldson surpassed Carl Buttocks Pavano?

27 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:20 pm

[26] How soon he forgets Joey "Bats" Gallo ...

28 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:24 pm

(27) Gallo was bad but he want HATED that much was he? Cause seems an ok guy, wherea even his own teammates done like Douchelson

29 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:27 pm

[28] Maybe not here, but in other places Yankees fans congregate ... YES, he was.

30 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:28 pm

Watching this team is as fun as getting a colonoscopy.

31 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:32 pm


32 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:32 pm


33 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:35 pm

I’ve got Angels-Astros ok now while getting into some house chores. No one on the Yankees I really want to watch play other than Cole, Judge and Stanton

34 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:44 pm

[33] At least with the pitch clock, the Yankees suck for a shorter amount of time each night ...

35 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:46 pm

[0] Wow. Maybe your best post ever, Hank.
Made my day.
Donaldson DH'ing? Is this upside down world? I don't think Stranger Things have happened.

36 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:49 pm

Ah, well ... see y'all tomorrow.

37 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 14, 2023 9:50 pm

I see Booney has already thrown in the towel by pitching Double A.

38 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 14, 2023 10:01 pm

Last place! Basement Bombers. Woo-hoo!

39 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 6:28 pm

Donaldson is batting **cleanup**.

I ... just ... siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

40 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 6:32 pm

This is about where I'm at ...


41 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 15, 2023 6:34 pm

[39] When I saw Donaldson in the lineup for yesterday's game, I was legitimately surprised to see his name. You know, because I had released him a couple days before.

42 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 6:40 pm

[39] Obviously, the problem was that you didn't release him, drive a stake through his heart, feed his body into a wood chipper and then burn the bloody remnants in an oil drum using diesel fuel and phosphorous.

It's the attention to detail that make for a great assistant, if I can offer some advice ...

43 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 6:40 pm

Ooops, that was supposed to be for [41]

44 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:12 pm

I guess that'll do ...

45 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:14 pm


46 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:28 pm

No hits ... one run ... on a balk.

47 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:42 pm

I know folks are upset about the ad patch on the shoulder, but looking at these Rockies costumes I’m reminded of a much bigger travesty — some time next year or the year after, the Yankees are going to have to wear these ridiculous City Connect uniforms. Oy.

48 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:44 pm


49 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:44 pm

That two-strike swing by Gleyber was a thing of beauty.

50 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:45 pm

[47] They ARE ghastly.

51 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:47 pm

That two-strike swing by Stanton was also… not bad.

52 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:47 pm


53 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 7:48 pm

I mean, he was actually a bad idea and he'll never be worth it, but could he PLEASE have a 2nd half like an AROD 2009?

54 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:17 pm

Are we actually gonna win a game?

55 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:22 pm

Ixnay on the inxjay

56 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:24 pm

Sweet baby Jebus, FranK ... you look more the Frankenstanton when you run than when you hit FFS!

57 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:29 pm

Is that Jeff Nelson in the booth? He's great. What a breath of fresh air.

Calling Stanton out on his Zombie base running.

I am so tire of the main YES crew, who are afraid to say anything even vaguely critical of the Basement Bombers.

58 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:30 pm

LOL ... Nelson is about my LEAST favorite announcer ... I can't stand this crew ... I'm listening to the Rockies' announcers.

59 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:34 pm

[58] Wow. I would say he's easily my favorite, since Kenny tired.
The world has room for all perspectives. Thanks for being honest. I love the Banter.

60 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:34 pm

Volpe has the best non-Judge WAR (at 2.1)
Clarke has the 2nd best ERA of our starters.
[56] Stanton should be barred from lifting weights, and do an hour of Yoga every day. He has got to be the 'stiffest' player in MLB.

61 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:36 pm

Do you think Boone snuck Bader in the line-up after McKinney so we would keep watching after DJLM makes an out?

62 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:39 pm

[60] Why do you think my nickname is FRANKENSTANTON ... he looks like a collection of three different bodies (head-n-neck, upper torso, lower torso) stitched together by a mad scientist!!!

Watch him the next time he bats ... ALL THREE of them are independent parts!!!

63 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 8:48 pm

"Volpe has the best non-Judge WAR (at 2.1)"

That is so very, VERY sad.

64 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:00 pm

Here’s a serious question — do you think there’s ever been a cleanup hitter hitting .143 this late in the season?

65 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:00 pm

Wait ... did Donaldson come up gimpy???

66 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:01 pm

[64] How about a hitter? ;>) It's called the Mendoza line for a reason.

67 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:04 pm


68 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:05 pm

By the way, are you guys all playing Immaculate Grid? Incredibly fun.

69 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:09 pm

Rockies announcers just confirmed FranK looked like he tweaked something running to 1st last inning.

70 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:20 pm

Can we cut McKinney sometime soon?

71 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:21 pm

That was Donaldson, I think. Not Stanton.

72 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:27 pm

[71] Yes.

73 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:29 pm

I got it right the first time ... distracted co-watching Thai street food cooking ... more interesting than this team.

But Donaldson going gimpy would be perfect.

74 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:30 pm

Look ... Pa Ka Prow ... droooools

75 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:34 pm

Noice grab!

76 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:34 pm

[73] What I was thinking, but would not print. ;>)

77 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:46 pm

[74] Yummy.

78 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 15, 2023 9:52 pm

Nice start my Schmidt.

79 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 7:52 am

"The Yankees got their first win of the second half last night, but as Matt noted in the recap, they might have lost a hitter in the process. Josh Donaldson was DHing and got hurt on a groundball in the seventh inning. After the game, manager Aaron Boone said that Donaldson will undergo an MRI and noted “it wasn’t great.” If this is an IL situation, then keep your eyes peeled on the ol’ transaction transom because Oswald Peraza is the only other infielder on the 40-man roster and might need to fly west."

80 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 7:58 am

I then read this ... and frankly it about sums up the current state of Yankees management:

```Donaldson initially tweaked his calf a couple weeks ago and has often been limited to designated hitter of late as a result. He felt something in the calf again Saturday during his final plate appearance and will undergo testing. ```

So the Yankees kept running a guy, who has been absolutely awful at the plate, out there ... in the DH slot, because ... reasons?


81 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 16, 2023 11:21 am

It’s official. Donaldson to the IL, Peraza up.

82 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 16, 2023 11:34 am

But Peraza isn’t in the starting lineup. Hopefully tomorrow.

83 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 1:31 pm

[82] Don't worry Hank, Boone-y will find a way to only play Peraza 3 or some times a week, never in the same position and never on consecutive days, you know, so he can get settled and in a rhythm on the field and at the plate.

Because that's how this clown show rolls ...

84 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 1:33 pm

Oh ... and NEVER at shortstop because, well, then it might the golden boy look bad.

85 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 2:16 pm

Great at bat FranK

86 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 2:35 pm

Yankees can't touch one of the worst pitchers in baseball, their guy hitting .117 (or whatever) takes Cole deep.


87 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 2:52 pm

Derpy, derpy, derp.

88 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 16, 2023 2:55 pm

Bases loaded.... Rizzo swings at Ball 4.

89 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 3:03 pm

[88] See [87]

90 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 3:24 pm

I just has a nice long nap, seems like the offense is still asleep.

91 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 3:28 pm


92 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 3:31 pm

[90] Poke it with a stick ... it could just be dead.

93 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 3:33 pm

[92] Or pining for the Whitey Fjords?

94 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 3:45 pm


95 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 3:45 pm

Only mostly dead.

96 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 4:45 pm

Of fucking course.

97 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:03 pm

Well walking the terrorists worked.

98 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:20 pm

[96] I blame myself for leaving when we were up 3-1 to go make dinner, figuring, we got this, right?

99 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:27 pm

The bullpen isn’t as vaunted as Flash thinks.

100 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:29 pm

I suppose it's the most "vaunted" part of the team, relatively speaking.

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101 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:30 pm

At least Volpe starts on 2nd.

102 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:34 pm

And scores!

103 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:38 pm

Going to the bathroom helped as well.

104 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:43 pm

Let's hope the Nick Ramirez Save Experience goes to plan ...

105 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:44 pm

Uh ... no ... sorry John ... that was NOT "popped up"

106 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:44 pm

Oh for fuck’s sake

107 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:44 pm

Flaherty really said, “Popped up.” Wow.

108 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:46 pm

Impossible. The Keystone Cops in Yankee uniforms. Sooooooo hard to watch.

109 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:48 pm

"Let's hope the Nick Ramirez Save Experience goes to plan ..."

Narrator: It ... did NOT.

110 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:50 pm

People complain about Boone... but I think he deserves and award for watching these games and not committing seppuku.

111 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:52 pm

Thanks Flaherty ... great call.

112 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:52 pm

Bad game for Flaherty.
Awful game for the bullpen.

113 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:53 pm

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

114 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:54 pm

[110] Funny, when I was on the toilet earlier, when the Yankees were down 5-4 in the 9th, I literally thought to myself, if the Yankees lose *this* one, Boone-y ought to do the honorable thing and commit seppuku.

115 mhoward120   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:56 pm

This just has to be the very first time in baseball history that pitchers have given up game-leading, game-tying and game-winning HRS, all to the first batters they faced. Figures.

116 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:56 pm

Meet the second half ... same as the first half!

117 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 5:57 pm

But ... honestly?

I'd rather the Yankees lost early and often in the next 2 weeks, I'll be more than pissed if we trade *anyone* of value to rearrange deck chairs on THIS year's Titanic.

118 rbj   ~  Jul 16, 2023 6:10 pm

Another fine outing by the ace is wasted

119 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 16, 2023 7:55 pm

Honestly... this feels like a bad dream. I know we have a shot at the WC, but it feels like the season is over.

120 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 16, 2023 9:45 pm

[119] Oh, I can still imagine things getting worse.
Like, we bring Judge back too soon (and instead of getting his surgery done now to be ready for next season) and he either makes the injury worse, or injures something else compensating for the ongoing discomfort.

If Judge has to DH full time the rest of this year, that means Stanton has to play the field full time ... I can only assume he'll last about a month before spontaneously combusting.

121 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 17, 2023 6:01 am

"According to Elias Sports, it was the first time the Yankees ever lost a game in which they had multiple leads of two-or-more runs in the eighth inning or later.

The game should have never come to that, but the Yankees spent five innings failing to score off Chase Anderson, who entered the game with a 6.89 ERA this season and an 18.23 mark over his last four starts."

122 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 8:29 pm

What is this deviltry???

Peraza leading off???

o o

123 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 8:40 pm

The Athletic is reporting that Donaldson could be done for the season, which would not make me sad.

124 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 8:42 pm

Nice at bat OP!

125 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 8:43 pm


126 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 8:46 pm

Putting the OP in OOPS!

127 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:01 pm

1 for his last 27.

128 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:11 pm

Seems like Severino isn’t pitching to the same strike zone as Canning.

129 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:14 pm

And the zone only seems to be getting wider for Canning.

130 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:15 pm

Peraza’s last three at bats:
RBI single
10-pitch walk
8-pitch single

131 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:19 pm

The ump loves a feel good comeback story. C'mon, Rizzo!

132 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:21 pm

Rizzo is ... yeesh.

133 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:22 pm

Someone needs to find out if Rizzo is healthy or not. If he isn’t, they need to sit him down and get him healthy. I can’t imagine a healthy Anthony Rizzo can go 43 games without accidentally hitting a home run, especially considering his home run rate as a Yankee prior to this stretch.

134 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:24 pm

Does anyone else remember when Rizzo was up with 2 outs and RISP, and actually got a hit? Ah.... those were the days.

135 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:26 pm

Rizzo’s slugging by month:
April — 485
May — 535
June — 227
July — 182

136 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:29 pm

Nice play by Bader to barehand that hop.

137 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:34 pm

[133] I think he is so anxious to do better, that he is swinging at balls he used to take. You posted his Slugging... how about his Walks?

138 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:38 pm

This dude has the Yankees so confused. If he came back against any other team he'd be losing by now.

139 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:38 pm

Good lord, 9Ks in 4 innings.

140 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:39 pm

[137] I just would like to know Rizzo's slash stats since he "tweaked" his neck on that play at first.

I imagine it would *not* be a pretty sight to see.

141 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:41 pm

Rizzo’s walks:

So not much change there.

142 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:46 pm

Wait .. is Peraza at SS now?

143 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:47 pm

Or is Kay just losing his mind again?

144 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:48 pm

Nope ... it's Peraza ... huh.

145 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:49 pm


146 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:54 pm

Cone is freaking killing me with The Munsters! Lol....

147 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:55 pm

"Peraza’s last three at bats:
RBI single
10-pitch walk
8-pitch single"

Gonna need an update!

148 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:56 pm

Peraza ... 24 pitches seen

Rest of the team ... 72

149 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:59 pm

I'm having Pedro Martinez flashbacks. It's hard to hit a pitcher who can do whatever he wants with 4 different pitches. Ugh.

150 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 9:59 pm

Well, that's his last inning, he's at 100 pitches, so cheer up!

151 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:03 pm

If there’s any silver lining, it’s the patience and the long at bats. Maybe there’s hope for this offense.

152 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:04 pm

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, of course it's 2nd and 3rd no out.


153 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:05 pm

Is anyone else here just to see Ohtani and Peraza (as a Yankee fan)?
They have not disappointed.

154 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:06 pm

[153] Pretty much.

155 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:09 pm

Hey Hank you at the game, or any the next two?? How is the Big A these days, looks a bit dumpy…
Severino looking sharp?

156 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:11 pm

[148] Remember when the Yankees' team was always in the top 3 of seeing pitches?

157 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:14 pm

Actually, it's too hot in Tokyo to leave the house, so I might as well watch the game. Right, Jazz?

158 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:14 pm

The dumbest play in baseball. I thought only the Yankees used that one.

159 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:14 pm

This Neto kid is good

160 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:14 pm

Boat, I just came back and ten mins outside was exhausting!

161 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:15 pm

[156] How old do you think I am?! ;>)

162 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:15 pm

[157] Awwww, what was your Heat Index today?

Mine was 114 and tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

163 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:17 pm

[160] Minako will not be stopped. I dunno how she does it. I'm tryin' to convince not to volunteer at the local school festival next week.

164 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:17 pm


165 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:17 pm

Yikes. That looked like a salami.

166 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:17 pm

Cult, ‘only’ 106, but humid…!!

167 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:18 pm

[162] 111, but that started at 9 AM.

168 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:19 pm

I mean, the actual silver lining is that Severino looks like an actual pitcher tonight.

169 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:20 pm

[166] Must be cooler down in Yokohama. I, for one, am not leaving our leafy neighborhood. It's way hotter in central Tokyo.

170 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:20 pm

[168] Right? I thought he was toast.

171 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:21 pm

Not at the game. We were gonna go tonight, but my son isn’t feeling well. The plan is to go Tuesday and Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

172 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:23 pm

What is this conversation from Kay?? It’s not ‘psychological’, the team is not good! Rizzo May be done!

173 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:23 pm

Meanwhile, Canning doing his best Gerrit Cole impersonation. And did you know he won the Gold Glove in 2020?

174 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:24 pm

Boat, I’m near the water so do get some breeze at least. But the mid-day dog walk ain’t happening!

175 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:25 pm

They keep talking about Canning, but he's facing one of the worst hitting teams in baseball.

176 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:26 pm

[172] He's a company man.

177 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:30 pm

Were you guys around when Mussina was pitching, and Joe Torre started walking on the field towards the mound... and Moose told Torre 'GO BACK', and Torre turned around and went back in the dugout?

178 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:32 pm

Loved Mussina! So glad he made the HOF

A hit with runners on!!!

179 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:33 pm

Unlucky there. IKF would’ve scored easily.

180 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:34 pm

I stepped away from the game to take a whiz. That's why the runs happened.
Apparently, I'm not allowed to see runs.

181 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:34 pm

That Mussina-Torre exchange was after Mussina lost his perfect game with two outs in the ninth. Torre started out, but Mussina yelled at him to stay before he got to the top step of the dugout.

182 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:37 pm

[181] Embellishment for entertainments sake...

183 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:37 pm

Hey ... me going to buy booze is just as good as rbj walking his terrorists!

184 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:38 pm

Ohtani will win this one for the Angels.

185 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:40 pm

Well, if I take credit for the 2 runs while gone, I have to own the 1 run (so far) in this half of the inning.

186 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:41 pm

You know the *next* Yankee I want to see blow a tire running to first?


Thanks for that half season last year ... now ... begone.

187 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:42 pm

[180] We'll have to A/B test this at a later date ... Boatzilla's whiz break vs cult's booze run!

188 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:44 pm

[142] I think my confusion stemmed from Volpe being so far shifted that Peraza WAS essentially playing SS.

Carry on.

189 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:45 pm

3 walks for OP!!!

190 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:47 pm

Meanwhile, once again for FranKKK

191 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:51 pm

Nice work, Gleyber.

192 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:51 pm

Thank heavens for a fly ball ... I bet we would have seen another "contact play" massacre at home plate on a grounder.

193 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:51 pm

So Peraza is looking like an enormous upgrade over Donaldson. No surprise. Just imagine if Florial were also up!

194 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:53 pm

[153] I'll be honest, there is SO much of this roster I NEVER want to see in a Yankees uniform after this year.

195 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:54 pm

[193] Imagine if Donaldson didn't do us a solid and gack his calf, we'd STILL be watching him gimp around uselessly!

196 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:55 pm

I’ll always be happy with a Gold Glove behind the plate. Treviño doesn’t bother me. I mean, if Rizzo hadn’t disappeared, a lot of these other issues wouldn’t be issues.

197 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 10:55 pm

[193] Who do we have to kneecap to get Florial up? ;>)

198 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:00 pm

[196] But Higgy is nearly as good with the glove and, at least this year, better at the plate.

We traded for Rordtvedt [sic], why the hell not give HIM a shot, he ALSO is a LHB.

And Rizzo? Rizzo isn't to blame for ALL of this mess ... not with DJ cratering, management deciding that IKF is someone who can bat 6th, Volpe mostly flailing about, Stanton being FranK rather than Frankenstanton, and the motley collection of half-assed has beens that are McKinney, Bauers and Weird Willie ... we need people who can actually HIT.

199 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:04 pm

Just watch the batter ... Shohei knew ... 3-3!

200 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:05 pm

Is anyone surprised? I just told my daughter — “Watch. They should be walking Ohtani, but they aren’t. I guarantee he hits a home run.”

Not. Surprised. At all.

Show/Hide Comments 201-300
201 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:06 pm

Dang. That was beautiful.

Why is Kay saying he's not a bat flipper? Nonsense. I've seen dozens of Ohtani bat flips this year. Doesn't fit Kay's narrative, I guess.

202 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:06 pm

I’m not blaming Rizzo. Just pointing out that any production from anywhere would change this whole mess.

203 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:07 pm

Hank I told my son the same!!!
This guy..trade any and everything to get him, whatever it takes

204 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:09 pm

Why would anyone pitch to Ohtani with Trout on the IL? It’s preposterous.

205 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:10 pm

I remember when Michael King was pretty good.

206 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:10 pm

[172] Agreed, this is not a well built or managed team.
It's old, injury prone (and playing with bad injury luck) and frankly not very talented.

207 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:11 pm

[203] You DO know it's NEVER going to happen, right?

A) We can't trade for him because, guess what ... our farm system is NOT loaded.


B) Hank wouldn't pay the going price, even IF Shohei wanted to go to the East Coast.

208 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:14 pm

B) Obviously means in the upcoming offseason.

209 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:15 pm

Regarding pitching to Ohtani, I think it’s an analytics problem. People are so afraid of putting guys on base that they ignore what their eyes should be telling them. They had it right with Bonds, but even last year with Judge I was surprised people were still pitching to him. And now the same with Ohtani. Maris’s record stood for 61 years; Judge’s will last for twelve months.

210 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:16 pm

[207] Yes. Not on your life.
1. Yankees have nothing to offer.
2. The Angels have a lot of reasons to keep him. Optics. Gate. Ad revenue, etc. Can't blame management so much if he's lost to free-agency.

211 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:19 pm

3 walks for Peraza ... 3 Ks for Volpe.

212 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:20 pm

[211] Was thinking the same thing. We had the wrong guy all along.

213 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:21 pm

[210] Sure, but as I have said elsewhere, Shohei has had a front row seat to the Angels wasting the career of ONE superstar, why should he choose to stick around and waste HIS career watching them make it TWO?

He's GONE ... the only question is where.

214 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:21 pm

The Angels are playing a riff from BlackPink's "How You Like That" as strike out music. I'm probably the only here who noticed or cares.

215 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:25 pm

[212] I'll be honest ... I agreed with the decision to give Volpe the shot out of ST, but ... I would have swapped him and Peraza sometime in May.

But that's the Yankees, they made a decision that was seemingly correct, but then needed to be corrected and they obviously felt they couldn't do it without being second guessed, so?

You get this ongoing mess.

216 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:29 pm

Oh, yay ... leadoff walk.

217 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:32 pm

At this point, all I really want to know is why Boone chose to pitch to Ohtani. Really hope someone asks him after the game.

218 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:33 pm

It is 11:32 at night and it feels like 93 degrees ... YAY!!!

219 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:34 pm

[217] Why? He'll just Boone-y the answer, won't be held accountable and most reporters are hacks to one degree or another, so ... I'm not sure what you're expecting here.

220 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:35 pm

[217] We all know what he'll say. He'll mumble something, about "we just liked the match up in that situation."

221 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:37 pm

Maybe the question to Boone should be, "Were you surprised when Ohtani hit that home run?" Also, it will be interesting to see what they do when Ohtani leads off the ninth. No matter what happens in this top of the ninth -- zero runs, one run, or multiple runs -- I'm suggesting that they walk him.

222 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:39 pm

4 WALKS!!!

223 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:39 pm

Meanwhile, Peraza has been on base all five times tonight. I'm not ready to sit Volpe, I'm ready to play them both.

224 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:39 pm

34 pitches seen for OP!

225 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:40 pm

[223] I'm ready to sit Volpe as soon as we have someone better than him to play, DJ and Cabrera aren't exactly lighting it up, either.

226 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:42 pm

Well, this game is about to be over.

227 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:43 pm

So ... what are the odds Shohei walks it off here, if allowed to swing the bat?

228 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:45 pm


229 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:45 pm

Also, the Angels announcers -- who aren't as bad as they used to be -- are still gushing about Ohtani's home run, with repeated replays. "The bat flip that will live in immortality!"

230 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:46 pm

I don't believe.
What I just saw!

231 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:46 pm

Ramirez!! Never a doubt

232 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:46 pm


And Ohtani looks like he tweaked his back ... sigh.

233 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:47 pm

Hank, is that Jack Buck? The Kirby Puckett game??

234 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:50 pm

Yeah, Jack Buck. But I think it might've been when Ozzie Smith hit a home run in the playoffs to beat the Dodgers. But that time he was screaming, "Go crazy, St. Louis, go crazy!" So you might be right about Kirby Puckett.

235 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:50 pm

If Ohtani had launched one, it would be considered a mercy killing.
Now we have to watch Old Yeller continue to suffer.
I don't have the stomach for it.

236 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:50 pm

[233] Actually, here it is...


237 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:51 pm

[236] You have to switch been the Yankees game and YouTube cooking videos!

238 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:52 pm

This game is painful.

239 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:53 pm

Ah, Kirk Gibson!! The Kirby Puckett homer was ‘See you here tomorrow night’. Those old announcers were so great

240 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:55 pm

[239] Yeah, I remember that one, too. I was at a party at a friend's apartment in San Francisco, and only a couple of us were paying attention to the game that was on in the background, one of them a friend from Minnesota. Good times.

241 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:55 pm

I'm SO not used to umps being young and fit and NOT lumbering dinosaurs staggering about the field.

242 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:56 pm

[238] Right now I'm watching:

Tasty Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs - Los Angeles Street Food

243 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:58 pm

[239] And yet here we all are, fellow gluttons for punishment.

244 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 17, 2023 11:59 pm

Just for fun, I asked ChatGPT to create a conversation between Aaron Boone and me. Somehow the AI installed me as pitching coach. Here's our talk...

Hank and Aaron Boone were sitting in the dugout, discussing the upcoming game against the Los Angeles Angels. Hank was the pitching coach, and he had some concerns about facing Shohei Ohtani, the talented two-way player.

Hank: Aaron, we need to talk about Ohtani. I don't think we should pitch to him.

Aaron Boone: (Curious) Why's that, Hank? He's a great player, but we've faced tough hitters before.

Hank: I know he's a great player, but he's been on fire lately. His hitting and pitching are top-notch. I'm worried that he'll hit one out of the park against us.

Aaron Boone: (Nods) You're right, he's been impressive, but we can't just avoid pitching to him. We need to face the best to challenge ourselves.

Hank: I get that, but it's a huge risk. If he gets a home run or a couple of RBIs, it could cost us the game.

Aaron Boone: (Pauses) I understand your concern, Hank, but we can't let fear dictate our strategy. Our pitchers are talented too. We'll study his weaknesses and come up with a plan.

Hank: (Reluctant) Alright, but I think we should be careful. Maybe we can mix up the pitches or try some different approaches.

Aaron Boone: (Encouragingly) That's a good idea, Hank. We'll be smart about it, but we can't just walk him every time he's up to bat. We have a great team, and we'll do our best to face the challenge.

Hank: (Slightly reassured) Alright, I'll trust your judgment, Aaron. Let's hope our guys can handle Ohtani and come out with a win.

Aaron Boone: (Smiling) I know they can. We'll stay focused and play our game. Thanks for looking out for the team, Hank.

Hank: (Nods) Of course, that's what I'm here for. Let's go out there and give it our all. Go Yankees!

Aaron Boone: Go Yankees! Let's get this win!

245 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:01 am

I'm not a negative fan, but I don't feel good about this game. Not in the least.

246 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:02 am

4 walks for OP ... 4 Ks for Volpe

247 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:04 am

I feel like I know how this game is going to end.

248 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:05 am

Oh Volpe has a grand total of 3 walks this month.

249 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:05 am

[244] Really? That's not awful.
It does sound like a Hallmark movie, though.

250 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:06 am

I'll say this -- I'm really glad I'm sitting on my couch right now and not in the stadium.

251 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:06 am

Jeez... maybe when he has 2 strikes, Volpe should swing a little harder.

252 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:06 am

[250] Tasty Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs???

253 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:07 am

[249] A.I. is creepy. It pretty much got Boone's personality down perfectly, right?

254 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:08 am

[252] But only when bailing out into a bucket and yanking his head off the ball?

255 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:08 am


256 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:08 am

[252] Well, you probably couldn't get bacon wrapped dogs outside of Angels Stadium.

And there it is. The walk-off we all knew was coming.

257 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:08 am

[254] You ain't seen *nothing* yet ...

258 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:09 am

This team fucking sucks.

259 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:09 am


260 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:09 am

Thank you Angels ... kick this team when it's down ... please.


Hope you keep it up!

261 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:11 am

So the best case scenario for this road trip against two struggling teams in 3-3. But given who the Yankees are right now, this shouldn't be that surprising.

262 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:16 am

[261] Frankly, I want them to lose every game.

My wish is for the management to call this year and take a new approach. Try to build a younger core around Judge.
I wish for Cash to lose his job.

If wishes were horses...

263 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:22 am

Jack Curry making a lot of good (but obvious) points regarding Ohtani. Walk him in the fifth to load the bases, but not willing to walk him in the seventh to put two runners on. Okay, I'm done talking about this now.

264 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:26 am

[262] Here's a philosophical question I've been wondering. The Yankees clearly have decided that they're never going to rebuild. There's just too much money on the table, so as long as there are some big names on the roster -- Judge, Stanton, Cole -- there will always be fans in the stands and viewers tuning in to YES.

But then you've got the Red Sox, who ARE willing to jettison popular players and rebuild. They're okay finishing last one year to build a contender for the next year.

So would you be comfortable if Yankee management conceded every other year like Red Sox do? I don't know the answer, I've just been wondering.

265 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:27 am

Question: You had walked Ohtani in the fifth, did you give any consideration to walking him in the seventh?

Boone: No, not there.

And no follow up question.

266 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 18, 2023 12:35 am

So actually there was a follow up, but Boone just reiterated what he had said before. He didn't want to put a runner in scoring position. (What he disregards is that Ohtani is in scoring position when he steps into the batter's box.) And the reporter who followed up even dropped this: "Did you consider the roll that Ohtani's on, with 19 home runs in his past 32 games?" But Boone was adamant. Okay, good night, everyone. I promise never to speak of this again.

267 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 8:33 pm

⬆️Boone is more and more insufferable, keep repeating it and maybe we can will his firing into existence?
Time for another round of ‘can the Yankees beat an awful team?’ Anyone out there to hang here a bit?

268 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 8:43 pm

[268] Hey OK ... I'm here to be a beacon of optimism!

269 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 8:47 pm

⬆️Is the beat getting to you there, cult?? I’m always up for optimism, but…..!!
Slightly more ‘normal’ summer day here so hopefully the extreme wave is over!

270 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 8:51 pm

Concussion protocol?

271 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 8:52 pm

[270] We have another couple of days before it gets back to just "normal" miserable Texas summer heat ...

How's that for optimism ... 2-0

272 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 8:53 pm

Loooong home run by ‘who??’ I’m going to actually focus on work, there’s just nothing intersting about this team right now

273 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 18, 2023 8:57 pm

I'm a glutton for punishment. The game was close for 2 batters at least.

274 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:00 pm

Hi Ara! I had on Dodgers-Orioles before, both those teams are so much more vibrant and fun than our guys

275 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:00 pm

Even Kay is talking some smack right now.

276 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:00 pm

[275] LOL ... fun and vibrant ... the antithesis of the 2023 Yankees.

277 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:08 pm

Hi Mr. OK JT. I was watching the Braves - Dbacks game earlier. Currently 13-13 in the 8th. The Braves are amazing. I caught a Dodgers game the other day as well. Nice watching non-suck teams.

278 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:17 pm

Well, that was fun and vibrant ... solo shot, of course.

279 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:18 pm

Gleyber still a mystery, is he good or not..
Stanton batting .200 is certainly no es bueno…

280 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:18 pm

Ara, the Braves are too good, I dislike them intensely except for Acuna

281 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:19 pm

Watching Stanton right now is ... NOT.

282 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:20 pm

[280] What a disappointment he turned out to be, sadly.

I thought he was going to be a star.

Turns out, he's merely cromulent.

283 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:24 pm

(283) Yeah, still a great Cashman trade to be fair, getting him for half a season of Chapman. But he was hyped as a superstar and he surely ain’t that..

284 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:27 pm

[264] Good question. Very hard to answer. But this year seems like a repeat of last year, and I'm confident call it a lost cause. What I don't want to see Cash keep trading away prospects at the deadline for broken down vets beyond their sell-by date.

I would be happy, if they did nothing this year (no trades or additions) and gave a chance to Florial and Peraza, and perhaps Rortvedt (spelling?) just to see what happens.

285 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:29 pm

Walking the bases loaded. Whoo-hoo!

286 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:32 pm

Boat, I just wish they’d trade for Lars Nootbaar!

287 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:33 pm

[284] He looked it for a couple of seasons, but ever since then ... fart app.

288 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:33 pm


289 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:33 pm

[287] I just like saying (and typing) Nootbaar.

290 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:33 pm

[286] He's be a good fit in left field.

291 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:59 pm


292 Ara Just Fair   ~  Jul 18, 2023 9:59 pm

Ohtani hits triples, too. Wtf!?

293 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:01 pm

I'm beginning to think this Yankees club is ... not very good.

294 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:02 pm

[293] 7th!

295 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:11 pm

Just an awful team on offense now, unwatchable.

296 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:13 pm

This whole team is like Casey At The Bat and in fact the hitting coach is named Casey.

297 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:15 pm

⬆️I’m so annoyed by the whole Sean Casey hype

298 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:19 pm

OPS+.........2023 / Career
Stanton....... 98 / 141
LeMahieu...... 85 / 101
Rizzo........ 103 / 127
Bader......... 93 / 97
Oswaldo....... 63 / 84
Trevino....... 58 / 74

However, Higgy and IKF and playing slightly better this year.

299 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:19 pm

[297] PR spin. Keep the story moving. Deflect attention from the key issues, which will not be changed without a entire top-down realignment.

300 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:23 pm

Stanton now below the Mendoza Line.

Show/Hide Comments 301-353
301 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:24 pm

Our old buddy, Andrew Velazquez is in the game.

302 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:30 pm

Almost eager for Boone’s press conference tonight, what cliches can he summon after this offensive ‘performance’ ?

303 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:31 pm

Do you all want to see something MORE pathetic than the 2023 Yankees???

I dare you to watch ... this.


304 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:33 pm

Wow, Loverboy!! Respect, still out there rocking out

305 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:38 pm

I wonder what it's like to root for a team that scores runs. Must be fun. Samples from around the league.

Giants 10
Mets 11

Dodgers 10
Orioles 3

Guardians 10
Pirates 1

D-Backs 16
Braves 13

Nationals 3
Cubs 17

Tigers 10
Royals 11

306 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:40 pm

[305] Well, *I* wouldn't exactly call that *rocking* ... unless you meant how the lead singer was "rocking" the half-mumu ...

307 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:41 pm

[306] Hey!
That's not fair!!
We can score 10 runs ... in a week!!!

308 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:43 pm

[303] Jay-sus! Mick Jagger he ain't. I gave them props for making an effort. Although, Mike Reno should be doing ads for Krispy Kreme.

309 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:48 pm

I HATE "awaiting moderation", let's see if I can baffle Algy ...

I'm a little afraid to think of the AARP only backstage o.r.g.y. after the show ...
C.o.c.a.i.n.e, V.i.a.g.r.a. and multiple defibrillators!!!

310 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:50 pm

[311] To which the guy who posted the video linked replied ...

By which you mean Mike Reno halfheartedly attempting to m.a.sturbate in his trailer, giving up after 3 minutes and heading to the catering tent for a triple bacon cheeseburger.

311 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:55 pm

Kay is turning on this team ... Coney just called them "boring"

312 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:55 pm

Kay and Cone sounding fed up too..wonder where they’ve had for some entertainment after the game, Hank can you tell us the good spots in Anaheim?

313 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:56 pm

Bring on the losses, boys ... I'll be here if you keep sucking (at least until this last month of my MLB.TV subscription is valid!!!)

314 Boatzilla   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:57 pm

[311] "boring" really? Dang, I missed that.

315 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 10:57 pm

[314] Anaheim? Probably none.
Now, I can give you some ideas some ideas on the coast, but not Anaheim.

316 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 18, 2023 11:00 pm

[316] But YOUR [314] this is why I hate "moderation" (which doesn't happen) ...
MY feed include my comments "awaiting moderation" and yours does not, so every comment reference I make with [] doesn't make sense.


I LOVES you Alex ... but can't we just move to a damn Discord server???

317 rbj   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:51 am

Why I’m glad these are later time zone games. Perfect excuse to ignore them.

318 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 19, 2023 11:55 am

Not only did I not go to last night's game, I didn't watch a single pitch. We started dinner at just a few minutes before first pitch, and when we were done my daughter asked if she could use the PlayStation. (Hogwarts Legacy is excellent, by the way.) I relented.

I was still tracking the score, and I've just perused the thread here, so it's clear I made a good decision.

Oh, I filled the time by finishing Jack Curry's book on the 1998 Yankees. (I'll likely post a review here in the coming days.) That team was much more fun to watch than this one.

So we've got a late afternoon game today, and my son and I are definitely going. I've made the trip to Anaheim for much worse Yankee teams, if you can believe it, so I'm at least kind of looking forward to it. The good news is that -- surprise, surprise -- ticket demand is down. I won't have to pay quite as much as usual.

They can't lose every night, can they?

319 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 3:58 pm

"They can't lose every night, can they?"

I mean, are you *challenging* them???

320 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 5:50 pm

Oh, great ... Franchy is back.

Strewth ...

321 rbj   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:21 pm

Game over.

322 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:21 pm

2-0 ... GO ANGELS!!!

323 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:29 pm

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... c'mon ... fer fuck's sake.

324 rbj   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:29 pm

Vaunted base running. Vaunted.

325 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:30 pm

Thrown out at 3B?? Why is this team so dreadful at fundamentals??

326 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:35 pm

Is Rodon just still recovering from injury? He’s got nothing…

327 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:36 pm

I don’t even know what to say about this shit that I’m watching.

328 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 19, 2023 6:40 pm

The worst part is knowing — absolutely KNOWING — that we’re going to be baking in the sun for the next two hours and this isn’t going to get better. But at least we’ve got great seats. Fifth row, midway between first and the foul pole.

329 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:00 pm

⬆️And cold Modelo lager! Please send a pic, even just a vendor is fine! Thankfully though our heat wave finally broke here, windows open and no air con this morning here for first time in awhile

330 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:01 pm

Honestly, this road trip should lead to Boone getting a pink slip and Cashman to be out on warning..if Hal was awake and/or cared

331 rbj   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:03 pm

And the Orioles are tied with the Rays.

332 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:09 pm

⬆️ Hi rbj, I may switch over to that, likely way more enticing than this garbage….

333 rbj   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:23 pm

In the standings I mean.

334 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:38 pm

Ah! Yes of course. Both teams so much better than the Yanks, not even close now..

335 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:40 pm

The Modelo comment is funny. It’s one of my favorite beers. A couple innings ago the beer guy came by offering Modelo and Coors Light. Guy behind me chose… poorly.

336 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:41 pm

But what’s the tone coming from the booth? This is an absolutely pathetic display.

337 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:46 pm

⬆️ They’re being pretty blunt about the terrible O, horrendous baserunning and overall lack of energy

338 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 7:47 pm

A tater!! They’re on the board!

339 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:04 pm

Oh man, Rodon blew a kiss to the booing Yankee fans at the Big A…not going to be a warm welcome back in New York of that spreads around

340 rbj   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:08 pm

Not as bad as Jack McDowell.

341 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:21 pm

Sorry, fellas ... I fell asleep after the 1st inning.

342 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:42 pm

[340] Another!

343 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:42 pm

[322] Franchy, I owe you an apology.

344 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:47 pm

Coney! with the Ice Cube reference!

345 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:47 pm

Coney now talking hip hop concerts!

346 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:48 pm

My score card tells me all you need to know about this game. Ten walks for Yankees pitchers, fifteen strikeouts for Yankees hitters.

347 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:48 pm

Might as well with *this* trash ass team ...

348 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 8:53 pm

Cabrera knocks the ball on one hop into the stands for a double ... cue the clown music.

349 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 9:01 pm

Ouch ... ever since Peraza got 4 walks ... OOF!

350 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 9:02 pm

LOL ... *this* team!

351 cult of basebaal   ~  Jul 19, 2023 9:03 pm

Sorry, Hank ... that had to be miserable.

352 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jul 19, 2023 9:12 pm

I’m going to ‘hate watch’ the post game presser while ha boo ng lunch here. Over/Under on cliches from Booney: 15

353 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 19, 2023 10:12 pm

It’s never a bad thing to go out to see a game, and at least there were some semi-interesting moments in the last few innings. Also, I’m seeing that Rodon blew a kiss to Yankee fans who were heckling him? That isn’t a good sign. That’s like throwing meat to the wolves. If he doesn’t figure things out, the Stadium crowd will be merciless.

One other thing. Stanton was the lone Yankee out early to stretch and jog, and when he finished his routine he spent about ten minutes signing autographs. It was nice to see.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver