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Torched it.

[Painting by Alyssa Monks]

Beat of the Day


It’s rather warm out there. Rather.

[LIFE photo via: Well Plaid]

Beat of the Day

Who Kneads Me?

Domestic Bliss.

[Photo Credit: National Geographic via This Isn't Happiness]

Beat of the DaY


Reggae Covers For Lovers, a mix by Chairman Mao.
[Photo Credit: Brett Carlson via MPD]

Beat of the Day


Down from the heavens above:

[Photo Credit: Miro Simko via MPD]

Beat of the Day

 Junior Murvin

A moment of silence for Junior…then:

Beat of the Day


O’ Look Misery by Blind Blake. 

[Photo Via: Lover of Beauty]

Beat of the Day


Sho ’nuff.

[Picture by Bags]

Beat of the Day


Shake it.

[Photo Via: One Fast Move or I'm Gone]

Beat of the Day


Slow jam.

[Photo Via: This Isn't Happiness]

Saturdazed Soul



[Photo Via: Write from the He[art]]

Beat of the Day



[Photo Via: Think Different]

Beat of the Day


I remember walking into The Sound Library, a boutique record shop in the east village in the late Nineties and hearing something special. It was a short cut off a white label Lord Finesse promo. Rare. Finesse chopped-up and looped a famous Marvin Gaye record on an SP-1200. Man, it was cool. I eventually got a copy of the beat and when I passed it along to my pal Alan, he dumped it in Pro Tools and cleaned it up.

Years later, I got married and made a mix for The Wife. Little Miss Sunshine was and is one of her favorite movies so Alan and I cut up dialogue by Alan Arkin and fit it over the Finesse-Marvin Gaye beat.


And smile: it won’t mess up your hair.

Beat of the Day



[Photo Credit: Sanford Roth via MPD]

Beat of the Day


Mood altering.

{Photo Via:

Beat of the Day


[Photo Credit: ]

Beat of the Day


[Photo Via: Bygone America]

Beat of the Day

Shake it.

[Photo Credit: Nina Leen]

Beat of the Day

Watch Out, Now.

[Photo Via: Belles d'amour]

Beat of the Day

Shake it.

[Photo Via: This Isn't Happiness]

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