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Beat of the Day


Drink a lot of soda so they call me Doctor Pepper.

[Photograph by Gjon Mili, 1943]

Beat of the Day

broken record

A Feel-Good Friday Record:

[Illustration via: Quintessence of Dust]

Beat of the Day

“Youthful Expression”–Tribe

[Photo Via: The Absolute Best Photography]

Sundazed Soul

“Luck Of Lucien” A Tribe Called Quest

[Photograph by Matthew Gallaway]

Beat of the Day

Boomin’ in your, boomin’ in your, boomin’ in your Jeep.

[Painting by Andrew Judd]

Beat of the Day

Word Life, I Can’t Front… [Photo Via: Hungry Ghost Food...]

Beat of the Day

Oh, what the heck?  (We Got) another Gummy Soul Pharcyde-Tribe blend.

One time.

[Photo Via: She is Glorious]

Beat of the Day

Don’t You Worry (worry)…

[Photo Via: VersusAll]

Very, Very Incognito


Blend of the Year. Download Now.

Beat of the Day


Today’s the Day, hooray, hooray…

[Photo Via: Lovely Derriere]

Beat of the Day

Kids memorize me.

[Photo Credit: Fernanda W]

Beat of the Day

The Great Dot X…So fuck what you heard.

Beat of the Day


[Photo Credit: William Eggleston]

Beat of the Day



[Photo Credit: Attimi Rubati]

Beat of the Day





[Drawing from Wonton Art]

Saturday Soul

Blowin’ up the Spot like Fred did to Rollo.

Beat of the Day

The Tribe Called Kvetch documentary is coming in a few weeks…

As for me I’m a nocturnal animal:

Beat of the Day


All The Guys Were Corny (but) The Girls Were Mad Fly

It’s like butter.

Shuffle on, now.

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