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New York Minute

hello, I mus

Hello, I must be going…

New York Minute

numbersnyc Nick Dilallo’s New York Numbers. Found over at Subtraction.

New York Minute


Before I climbed the steps to the subway this morning I saw a cluster of small birds bathing in a puddle by the curb. I stopped and looked at them. My first instinct was to grab my phone, take a picture, put it on Instagram, email it to myself to use on the blog, to share the moment. But I didn’t reach for the phone. I just stood and watched, the birds flapping their wings and then one by one taking off. More taking their place.  I took it in for myself and that was enough.

Now I’m telling you about it because it was a pleasant way to start the day. But I was also relieved not to photograph it, send it, share it, faster, faster.

[Photo Credit: Todd Gipstein]

Snap Happy

Photography was once an act of intent, the pushing of a button to record a moment. But photography is becoming an accident, the curatorial attention given to captured images.

Kottke curates a thoughtful post about the state of photography in an Instagram world.

New York Minute

Instagram pictures via Subway Art Blog.

Fun Flix

Dig this Instagram gallery over at SI.com.

[Photo Credit: Brad Mangin]

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