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Chit Chit Chatter

on air

Head on over to Slugball Radio and listen to me schmooze with host Matt Hughes.\

Or just click play below:

[Photo Via: Nieman Journalism Lab]

I Gotta Rash, Man


Starting at the 9:00 minute mark, I gab about my Big Lebowski story.


Chit Chit Chatter

Here me blab about the Yanks and sports writing on The Sports Casters podcast. I had a fun time, as always.

[Image via Newmann]

Chit Chit Chatter

Yo, I was on Jesse Goyd’s Buckshot Boogaloo Podcast recently where we talked about Lucian Freud, Francis Ford Coppola and Mariano Rivera. Dig it.

Henri Matisse

Chit Chit Chatter

I appeared on The Sports-Casters’ podcast last night (Season 1, Episode 24).

Dig it.

The Man

Over at SI.com I’ve got a 30-minute podcast interview George Vecsey about his new Stan Musial biography.

Dig it…(There is no direct hyperlink to the interview, just go to May, 2011 and you’ll find it there.)

Coast II Coast

Teddy Ted and E Nus of Pitchers n Poets had me on their podcast yesterday.

Check it out.

[Photo Credit: Wreckingballblog]


Joe Posnanski talks with Bill James.

[Picture by Bags]

The Gift of Blab

I was on the Sports Casters podcast last night–“Baseball Bonus Show #1”–talking “Lebowski” and Ken Burns, Todd Drew and the new baseball season. It was a great time, dig it if you have many minutes.

Give A Listen

I’m going to be one of the guests on the Baseball Digest Daily Live podcast today at noon, which you can listen to live. I’ll be talking Yankee hot stove, of course, and will be preceded by BDD’s Rob McQuown, who will be talking Jake Peavy, and followed by Baseball Prospectus’s Christina Kahrl, who will discuss the Mike Jacobs trade. Check it out.

Update: The online player here doesn’t seem to work for me, but if you go here you can download an MP3 of today’s show. I come in at the 21:21 mark, and do stay tuned for Christina, who follows, as she’s always interesting.

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