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Mash Out Posse.

The Magic Number

The number of the day is 12:

New York Minute


My father did some work for CTW in the 1970s. He’d bring us home Sesame Street albums and once we cleaned our rooms were allowed to listen to them. One time, Dad took my sister and me to visit the set of Sesame Street. We sat on this stoop and looked into Mr. Hooper’s store. Nobody was filming. The crew was busy. I remember a kid riding a bike around. We sat there, next to Oscar’s garbage can, quietly, and wondered where Mr. Hooper was.

[Pictures via: Loosetooningaround]

And I Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod Carew

Yes, indeed, it’s fun time:

Back to Basics

Take it away, Jackie (and thanks to joejoejoe for the link):

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