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Drop a Gem on ‘Em


Baseball Player Name of the Week

It was going to be Firpo Marberry. Not a lost Marx brother, but an old Senators pitcher, with a catchy nickname he earned by scowling like intimidating boxer Luis Angel Firpo. But then I scoped out his teammates… and I am compelled to award this week’s Player Name of the Week to an entire team:

The 1923 Washington Senators.

Featuring, in addition to Firpo, and to impressive but less excellently named players like Walter Johnson:

  • Muddy Ruel
  • Joe Judge
  • Ossie Bluege
  • Goose Goslin
  • Nemo Liebold
  • Rip Wade
  • Patsy Gharrity
  • Pinky Hargrave
  • Showboat Fisher
  • Doc Prothro
  • Skipper Friday
  • Clay Roe
  • Squire Potter

They just don’t build ’em like this anymore. It must’ve been like playing Walter Johnson and the Seven Dwarves. Doc! Pinky! Muddy!

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