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The more I think about it, the more frightened I am about the prospect of the Red Sox getting Alex Rodriguez. Think about it: A Rod and the Sox are a perfect fit. The Sox would land a great player who actually loves to deal with the media. Think he would wilt when the Boston press turned on him? Well, considering the kind of negative publicity that A Rod has endured over the past three seasons, I seriously doubt it. Whether you think he’s a phoney or not, Rodriguez is one smooth customer when it comes to media relations.

A Rod is also a better player than either Nomar or Manny. He’d be the greatest player the Sox have had since Babe Ruth. Then Boston would have the kind of marketable star who would not only match Derek Jeter in terms of exposure and popularity, but he’d most likely blow “Mr. Clutch” out of the water too. (Oh yeah, A Rod is also a much better player than DJ as well.) You’d better believe that Rodriguez would like to up the ante on his old pal, Jeteronomy as well.

How about 75 home runs? Think the friendly confines of Fenway Park appeal to Mr. Rodriguez? Here’s another question: Do you think Boston is on A Rod’s radar? Come on, now. Rodriguez would be able to escape Texas to a place where baseball matters more than life or death. He’d be smack dab in the middle of the most intense rivalry in the game, and of course, he’d still be the best player in the league.

Plus, he’d be able to ride shotgun as Boston’s marquee player when the Sox finally topple the Yankees (I should say “if”, but count me amongst those who believe the Sox will have their day before long). It’s almost too good to be true. (The thought of Curt Schilling or Billy Wagner in Beantown ain’t making me too happy either.) An’ that’s why I am ascared. But hey, I’m a jittery sort. I scare easily.

Meanwhile, two more Cuban ballplayers recently defected and plan to play professional baseball in the States. Maels Rodriguez is a 24-year old pitcher, and Yobal Due

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