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by Bruce Markusen

Final Postseason Edition

October 31, 2003

This is the final edition of “Cooperstown Confidential” for the 2003 season. Iíd like to thank all of the loyal readers, those who have taken the time to write and provide feedback, and especially those who have offered their kind support and encouragement. Iím not sure what the immediate future holds for “Cooperstown Confidential,” but hopefully Iíll be able to make periodic visits to this and other web sites during the winter. Any suggestions for improving the column are certainly welcome. Most importantly, thanks for reading.

[This article is being reprinted here at Bronx Banter with the permission of Bruce Markusen. For previous editions of “Cooperstown Confidential” head over to Baseball Primer. –AB]


Even before they lost the World Series in six games to the Florida Marlins, some writers had called for massive rebuilding to take place in the Bronx over the winter. Other observers, taking a different course, point out that the New York Yankees couldnít be that flawed, since they came within two games of winning their fifth World Championship under Joe Torre. In truth, the reality of the situation lies somewhere in between. The Yankees donít need to be rebuilt from top to bottom (even though George Steinbrenner probably has a differing opinion on that right now), but they canít afford to stand pat either, principally because of their collective age and the retirement of Roger Clemens. Instead, the Yankees need to perform some significant tinkering, not only in terms of acquiring outside talent but also in rearranging some of the current parts so that they fit better along the defensive spectrum.

While thereís always the question of what should be done, that often doesnít mesh with the changes that will be done. So with an eye toward the logical and the reasonable, hereís a plan of action

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