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This just in. According to Lee Sinins, a major trade is in the works:

The Diamondbacks have traded P Curt Schilling to the Redsox for P Casey
Fossum and a couple of prospects.

However, Schilling has a no trade clause and still has to approve the deal.
So, the deal is being sent to bud’s office in order to officially start the 72 hour window to allow the Redsox to talk to him about a contract extension.

…According to Peter Gammons, the Diamondbacks would send Fossum to the
Brewers for Richie Sexson.

Just a note here–I’m hearing about Gammons’s report through WFAN’s Mike Francesa and I was also distracted by something else while listening to him. So, there may or may not be a detail or two that should also be in the

Wow. Think George will take this one well? If this goes through, Steinbrenner is going to hit the roof. Heads will roll; money will be spent, and maybe A Rod finds his way to the Bronx after all.

Schilling said a few weeks ago that he wasn’t interested in playing in Boston. A right-handed fly-ball pitcher isn’t the ideal fit for the Fens. Still, from my perspective as a Yankee fan, Schilling is the perfect Red Sox. He looks like a Red Sox and is easy to root against. And talk about quotable. Between Schilling and Pedro, it certainly won’t be dull in Boston. They’ll be bashing the Yanks from February through October.

If this trade goes through, it will be the biggest killing of Theo Epstein’s young career. And another memorable chapter in the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry. The Hot Stove just got hotter.

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