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Good to Joe

“Joe and I had a great meeting yesterday,” [Yankee owner, George] Steinbrenner said in a statement. “We both look forward to bringing a championship back to New York and our great fans.”

Joe Torre spoke to the media earlier today and declared that he will return as the manager of the Yankees in 2006. Torre said that he had some doubts about what he wanted to do, but after talking it over with his family and then meeting with George Steinbrenner in Florida yesterday, he is looking forward to coming back. According to the Associated Press:

“I realize I still want to do this thing. I still want to manage,” he said. “There’s only one place to manage in my estimation. It’s been the best time I’ve ever had, these 10 years.”

…”I just wanted to pretty much clear the air on everything that was part of my unhappiness or anger or whatever you want to call it, frustration. I guess you can put all those things under the same heading,” Torre said.

Torre wanted to make sure Steinbrenner wanted him back.

“I had to not only hear it, but hear the tone in which it was said,” he said.

I love that last line. Say what you want about Torre as a tactician but I’ve never questioned his sincerity, or underestimated his ability to deal with both Steinbrenner and the New York media. I know I’ll be happy having him around for another season. Now, let’s see what George has in store for Cashman…or vice versa.

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