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Staying Put?

While all remains quiet in Yankeeland (with the exception of the Alex Rodriguez-WBC affair, which Bob Klapisch updates today), the biggest story in the AL East during the past several weeks has been whether or not the Orioles and Red Sox will swap Manny Ramirez for Miguel Tejada. At it stands this morning, Tejada has rescinded his trade demand (Ramirez has been doing the cha-cha around his desire to be in Boston all winter long). Which is not to say that things won’t change again–the latest gossip had Tejada going to the Phillies for Bobby Abreu, but for the moment, it doesn’t look as if Tejada will replace Manny as David Ortiz’s partner in destruction next season. Which is just fine by me.

I’ve rooted for Tejada for about five years now, ever since I read “Away Games,” really. If he went to Boston, my ability to pull for him would be seriously compromised (which is funny because he plays for a division rival now in Baltimore, but it just ain’t the same, is it?). For now, he’s a-stayin.’ Next week, it could change again, right?

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