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A False Spring

Or something to that effect is what we’re currently experiencing in New York, which is uncommonly warm at the moment. Last night, I could swear that I was smelling those first signs of spring through the chilly air. Then I had to remind myself, “Dude, we’ve still got plenty of Old Man Winter ahead of us, relax yourself Chester.” Still, pitchers and catchers will report before long, won’t they? In fact, there was an encouraging photograph in the Daily News today–that of David Wright taking batting practice at a Mets mini-camp clinic down in Florida. I hope that Wright becomes to the Mets what Derek Jeter has been for the Yankees–not just the leader of the team, but a guy who has bonafide and sincere passion for the game (right now Wright’s youthfulness, talent, and disposition suggests that good things may be in store for the Mets).

But the hubub of the day will come later this afternoon when the Hall of Fame announces if they’ll be electing any new members this year. It appears likely that nobody will make it, though Bruce Sutter and Jim Rice may be close–while Bert Blyeleven and Goose Gossage are entirely deserving. The Hall of Fame is an endless source of kibbitzing for baseball fans. What do you guys think? Anyone get in today? And if so, who’ll it be?

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