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Ray Milland Ain’t Got Nothing on the Yanks, Sox

Man, oh man, do the Halos have the Yankees number or what? Every team has a nemesis, for Pete’s sake. I shifted back-and-forth from resignation to frustration yesterday afternoon, as the Angels beat the Yankees again, this time 12-7, in a contentious game out in California. About the only redeeming thing that occured was that last night, Boston dropped their second straight game to the Mariners. The Yanks’ lead in the AL East holds at five-and-a-half. However, the Red Sox now trail the Twins by five-and-a-half in the wildcard race (the White Sox are a game-and-a-half behind Minnie).

Actually, the Ray Milland Achievement Award goes to Alex Rodriguez who went 0-5 again yesterday, whiffing three more times, after having struck out four times on Friday night. He looks completely lost at the plate, as if he’s mentally gotten himself out before he even steps into the batter’s box. It has been nothing short of painful to watch. The same can be said for the entire game as well.

According to the Times:

“What can you do?” Torre said. “You don’t remake Alex Rodriguez. With the history of what he’s done, certainly there’s not a need for that. Human beings play this game, and certain things you can’t explain, other than to say he’s human.

“It’s just changing the furniture around. It may give him a little feel of, ‘Let’s start something here,’ because that’s what we need. We need him not only in the lineup. We need him to produce.”

Torre said he did not know where Rodriguez would hit Sunday, although he doubted he would give him the day off. Still, Rodriguez’s frustration has become obvious — he flung his bat after a strikeout on a check swing in the sixth — and his struggles have made an impact.

“They’re hurting him and they’re hurting us,” Torre said. “But we know what’s there and we know he needs to break out, just basically for his own confidence. And if he gets that back, we benefit from it.”

Ah nertz, no use moaning about it. Today is another day, and you’ve got to believe that this is the day the Yanks will come out and find a way to beat the Angels.

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