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Homeward Bound

So it looks like there is a tentative deal in place between the Yankees and Diamondbacks for Randy Johnson. It involves four young players coming to New York, three of them hard-throwing pitchers, and a double A second baseman. Yanks to cough up $1.5-2 million, mere bag of shells. I’m watching Verducci talking about it on YES and they ran a chart showing that the Bombers have now aquired seven young, strong arms this off-season. In an of itself, that is just so cool. They can develop some of them, and dangle the others as trade bait. I don’t know how the move will work out but I have to admit that in an understated, un-splashy, un-Yankee (or just un-George) way, it’s been an exciting and rewarding winter to be a Yankee fan. Yeah, I know, Minky Dinky Dog, but don’t get too greedy now. They aren’t going to be flawless and you can’t get everything. Cashman and company really are running the show and that’s compelling. If the team is run correctly, there is no reason why they shouldn’t always be successful, right? I mean, aside from bad luck and injuries and all. Hey, I really liked the ’06 team and think that this year’s team will be even more appealing. Don’t you think?

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