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Puddle Jumpers

Roger Clemens was supposed to start this afternoon in place of Ian Kennedy but was a late scratch. Nothing serious, according to Joe Torre. Clemens was on the field at a quarter to ten this morning watching his eldest son perform running drills in right field under the guidance of a trainer.

About an hour later, Harlan Chamberlain made his way from the bullpen to the Yankee dugout. His red scooter moved slowly across the warning track and then down the left field line. Chamberlain stopped to shake hands with some fans. As he approached the Yankee dugout, he shook more hands. “Harlan, we love your son.” He is clearly enjoying every moment of his first trip to New York.

John Turturro is also at the park. After his daily pre-game conversation with reporters, Torre chatted with the actor, several photographers snapping pictures several feet away. Torre also spent a few minutes talking to Harlan.

It’s 12:40 now and it’s raining. The tarp is on the field, but rain wasn’t in the forecast so I don’t imagine the game will be delayed long.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver