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Scooter Sunday

After yesterday’s marathon victory, Mariano Rivera told Pete Abraham, “That would have been a very bad game to lose, but it’s a great game to win.” Amen to that, especially with Dustin McGowan going today and A.J. Burnett pitching tomorrow. McGowan, coming off a strong start against the Red Sox, has been terrific in the second-half. However, with the Yankees’ magic number down to three, even I’m not going to sweat too much today. The important thing is for everyone to remain healthy. It’ll be nice to give Jeter, Rodriguez and Posada some rest later this week.

Damon and Melky will man the outfield today, while Godzilla is the DH. Posada and Giambi have the day-off, and so does Shel Dunkinuts. Mike Mussina is on the hill for the Yanks. It is a ridiculously beautiful day in New York. There is a pre-game ceremony honoring the Scooter this afternoon.

Let’s hope fer good things all around and Let’s Go Yan-Kees!

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