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Finish Line

Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Johnny Damon all had the night off, but that didn’t stop the Yankees from out-sluggin the Orioles, 11-10. Andy Pettitte was clobbered–he allowed eight earned runs over five inning–but still got the win.

Kei Igawa gets the start today. The regular season began with Carl Pavano and is closing with Igawa (there’s a joke in there somewhere).

Rodriguez is in the line-up today, gunning for homer #55 and RBI #156. I like the sound of a double-nickel, don’t you? Posada will serve as manager, Mike Mussina will be the pitching coach.

I watched most of the game last night but count me as almost completely distracted by the happenings in the NL East. We’ve got more than enough time to talk about the Tribe in the coming days. Today gives dying time for the Phils or Mets, unless it doesn’t and they are forced to play a playoff game tomorrow. Aw, man, imagine if it comes to that? On Friday, the Mets played scared and yesterday it looked as if the Phils were ascared. How will it all end? I’m just glad I don’t have a direct emotional investment. I’d be ready to throw-up if I rooted for either team right about now.

It’s absolutely gorgeous in New York today. Slightly overcast but still sunny, cool and crisp. A great day for playoff baseball. I still say the Mets win the division–the Phillies will find a way to lose, right?–but ya never know.

Let’s Go Base-Ball!

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