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Step Right Up: Is This Thing On?

Last week, Emma and I were part of Gelf’s Varsity Letters Speaking Series. There were 15 speakers in all, and we were asked to give three minutes on a defining sports-related moment.

I spent a while thinking about what I would say, then worked on what I thought was a succinct essay. When I was satisfied with my draft, I read it aloud, and it was over seven minutes! So I cut it in half and then paired it down some more. Seven-hundred-and-twenty words and it still ran long, so I went back to work. It was a fun excercise, a good challenge, and I enjoyed preparing the speech. Had and an even better time listening to the other speakers.

Here’s my speech:

Emma followed me (and she’s bust-a-gut funny as is her wont):

Click here for the rest of the speakers, including Jeff Pearlman, Jason Fry and Will Leitch.


1 bp1   ~  Feb 10, 2011 1:11 pm

AB - Yeah, maybe dumbest f'in trade proposal of all time. He must be a regular caller into Francesa's show. And Emma - you had me grabbing for the headphones in a mad rush, lol. "It's for work!", I truly laughed out loud.

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing youse guys.

2 Chyll Will   ~  Feb 10, 2011 1:57 pm

(grumble,grumble) Damned subway...

3 williamnyy23   ~  Feb 10, 2011 2:33 pm

[1] I don't think I've ever closed a browser more quickly in my life!

4 RIYank   ~  Feb 10, 2011 3:35 pm

Yeah, that was something completely different.

5 Emma Span   ~  Feb 10, 2011 3:56 pm

Ha. Sorry about that.

6 Emma Span   ~  Feb 10, 2011 3:57 pm

Incidentally, my first Baseball Prospectus column tomorrow will be an elaboration on this. With less obscenity! But no less disturbing, really.

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