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You will be mine, you will be mine, all mine.

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1 Matt Blankman   ~  Dec 15, 2011 10:52 am

I used to LOATHE this song. It just seemed to betray everything that was great about the Stones. Then it started to make me laugh, and then I began to think that might have been the point.

Honestly, though, it sounds like Mick trying to do Roxy Music...and not well.

2 Alex Belth   ~  Dec 15, 2011 11:00 am

Well, if Mick can't make you laugh then I think you are missing something about the Stones, right? He was both cool and foolish at the same time. I remember a friend of my mom's laughing when this tune came out, "Oh, the Stones are doing disco now?"

It came out and then was on the radio during the final years of my parents marriage and I took the words to heart. I felt that I had to be my mom's knight in shinning armor, coming to her emotional rescue. I really did.

Funny how a record can have an emotional impact in a way that I'm sure was not intended by the artist.

3 Matt Blankman   ~  Dec 15, 2011 11:08 am

Mick came to your emotional rescue, then!

That knight in shining armor bit - I just can't keep a straight face. I do like Wyman's bass work. He was always underrated.

On this album, I always dug Let Me Go, Summer Romance, She's So Cold and Keith's ballad (and kiss off to Anita?), All About You.

4 Alex Belth   ~  Dec 15, 2011 11:36 am

Oh, Mick is such a clown. How can you keep a straight face? It's hilarious!

Love Let Me Go and She's So Cold.

5 Matt Blankman   ~  Dec 15, 2011 12:12 pm

And just to make more of a mess of things, Alex, I always liked Dance, Pt. 1, which was pretty disco-y (but it had a lot of guitar to it). I could never resist that hilarious spoken Mick-Keith dialogue intro.

"Keith, whatchoo doing standing on the corner of West 8th street and 6th avenue?"

6 Normando   ~  Dec 15, 2011 1:12 pm

[5] Dance, Pt. 1 is fantastic, but If I Was a Dancer (which is basically Dance, Pt. 2) is even better.

Over time, I've really come to appreciate Bill Wyman, mostly through his absence. The Stones just don't sound like The Stones without him.

I loved "Where the Boys Go" and "Summer Romance" off that record. Not particularly good songs, but rockers that they played the be-jeez-us out of. I would guess they never played them other than at the recording session. I'd play a lot of money to see The Stones play those two live -- throw in Miss Amanda Jones, Hand of Fate, etc.

7 Normando   ~  Dec 15, 2011 1:14 pm

[5] And as an upstate New York rube, I went to the corner of West 8th and 6th on my first visit to NYC!

8 Matt Blankman   ~  Dec 15, 2011 1:28 pm

[6] When they play it live, they sort of merge Dance Pts 1 and 2. They do the bits from Pt 1, but some of the verses from pt 2.

Keith once praised Joey Spamptinato of NRBQ by saying "A lot of bassists know how to rock, but they don't really know how to roll." That fits Bill Wyman as well. Wyman has a unique style - he can make an electric bass sound like an upright at times - and he and Watts meshed beautifully. Darryl Jones is a fine player, but he doesn't 'roll' quite the same way.

9 Normando   ~  Dec 15, 2011 2:11 pm

[8] That's completely it. Keith has often said that rock and roll lost something when bassists switched to electric bass. I've been listening to a lot of Stones bootlegs of late, and while the 90s and 2000s shows seem "technically" better, the Bill Wyman-era shows hold together better, despite the sometimes raggedness (which I love) of the rest of the band. Charlie Drayton and Steve Jordan seem to capture a similar feel as Wyman in the Winos.

10 Boatzilla   ~  Dec 15, 2011 8:33 pm

[6] Love Summer Romance. "Just a few days and you'll be back to your school...."

BTW, the Stones new live concert movie Some Girls (from a 1978 show in Texas) is fantastic, IMHO. Mick predates MJ with attenuated pants, a single glove and the crotch grab. Excellent close-ups.

11 Normando   ~  Dec 16, 2011 9:44 am

[10] Good news on the live movie - I just got it (and the expanded Some Girls) but haven't gotten to listen to them.

One thing though - the cover on the movie is about the worst cover I ever saw. Worse than Rod Stewart's Body Wishes cover.

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