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Million Dollar Movie


Or Juliette?

An unbearable decision. In the meantime, here’s a Valentine’s Day love scene for the ages (I’ve posted it before but it’s worth watching again):


1 Jon Weisman   ~  Feb 14, 2012 1:05 pm

Lena, but no shame in finishing second.

2 Alex Belth   ~  Feb 14, 2012 1:07 pm

Damn Skippy.

3 Bronx Boy in NC   ~  Feb 14, 2012 4:07 pm

Watch Romeo is Bleeding and tell me how you can look away from Lena.

4 Bronx Boy in NC   ~  Feb 14, 2012 4:22 pm

Also: Shouldn't this have been a Taster's Cherce entry?

5 Dimelo   ~  Feb 14, 2012 6:23 pm

A great movie to watch on Valentine's day is, El Sexo Y Lucia, if you like movies with subtitles.

6 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Feb 14, 2012 8:40 pm

Lena or Juliette..may we all have such decisions to make in our lives..

AB, I've been a Banterite for maybe 5 years now..I'm sure this must be the 20th time you've brought pics from that flick. This is not a complaint! :)

7 skybluestoday   ~  Feb 15, 2012 1:48 am

Such a pleasure to run across these images on this fine, crisp Valentine's Day evening.

Not a bad choice to have, no?

For what it's worth, I thought that "Unbearable Lightness" was the most gloriously romantic and moving American film of the 80's. Thanks for putting this up, Alex.

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