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New York Minute


Valentine’s Day in the air when I was down in Herald Square the other night.

Taster’s Cherce


The Wife is a cheap date in some respects. For Valentine’s Day all she wants is a small box of Russell Stover chocolates. Last year I couldn’t find any so I bought her a box of chocolates from Jacques Torres. She appreciated the gesture, of course, but not the chocolate. Russell Stover it is–but not Whittman’s, she says. “I won’t eat that crap.”

Over at Serious Eats, here’s a taste test: Russell Stover vs. Whittman’s. 

Beat of the DaY


Reggae Covers For Lovers, a mix by Chairman Mao.
[Photo Credit: Brett Carlson via MPD]

Taster’s Cherce

chocolate cake

Food 52 gives 14 chocolate cakes. 

Taster’s Cherce


That day is coming on Friday.

Afternoon Art

[Picture Via: Touchn2btouched]

Taster’s Cherce

The Wife doesn’t like for me to make a fuss on Valentine’s Day. She thinks it’s a lame commercial holiday and hates the idea of me buying her marked-up flowers or expensive Jacques Torres chocolates. However, if I want to get her some budget Russell Stover budget chocolates, she’s cool with that.  She’s a cheap date, what can I say?

Whatever the Wife wants…am I right?

Million Dollar Movie


Or Juliette?

An unbearable decision. In the meantime, here’s a Valentine’s Day love scene for the ages (I’ve posted it before but it’s worth watching again):

Sweet Hearts

Valentine’s Day flicks via Photo Booth.

[Photo Credit: Marilyn Minter]

Isn't it Romantic?

The wife says to me yesterday, “I don’t want you to bring me flowers tomorrow. I’m serious. I don’t want you spending a fortune.”

She thinks Valentine’s Day is a trumped-up, commercial holiday, and she’s right. I bring her flowers all the time, just cause, and I don’t need a holiday to tell her that she’s the love of my life, though I’ll probably say it again today…jut cause. The emmis is the emmis, am I right?

In the meantime, I hope you guys all have a good day, whether you are married, single, in a relationship, or newly divorced. You can swing by the Banter for the love and a cyber hug. We’ll be here.

[Photo Still from “An American in Paris”]

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