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Million Dollar Movie

Wrong movie, I know—still, check out this letter by Gene Wilder over at Letters of Note.


1 garydsimms   ~  Jun 12, 2012 1:56 pm

Was there ever a better laugh line than "Frahnk - n -shteen"?

2 briang   ~  Jun 13, 2012 2:07 am

about 7 years or so ago in san francisco i saw a showing of Young Frankenstein which was proceeded by an hour long live on stage interview with Gene Wilder. he really seems like a great guy and a lot of interesting stuff to say. it was amazing. i read his book too....he lobbied long and hard to be the Waco Kid in Blazing Saddles and didn't get the part til the last possible minute..pulling a million string to make it happen....he was determined! awesome. so awesome.

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