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The Awful Truth


Friend of mine in London sent me the following. Taken from Maiden Speech by Eleanor Brown, published by Bloodaxe in 1996:


You ask what I think of your new acquisition;
and since we are now to be ‘friends’,
I’ll strive to the full to cement my position with honesty.
Dear – it depends.

It depends on taste, which must not be disputed;
for which of us does understand
why some like their furnishings pallid and muted,
their cookery wholesome, but bland?

There isn’t a law that a face should have features,
it’s just that they generally do;
God couldn’t give colour to all of his creatures,
and only gave wit to a few;

I’m sure she has qualities, much underrated,
that compensate amply for this,
along with a charm that is so understated
it’s easy for people to miss.

And if there are some who choose clothing to flatter
what beauties they think they possess,
when what’s underneath has no shape, does it matter
if there is no shape to the dress?

Its not that I think she is boring, precisely,
that isn’t the word I would choose;
I know there are men who like girls who talk nicely
and always wear sensible shoes.

It’s not that I think she is vapid and silly;
it’s not that her voice makes me wince;
But – chilli con carne without any chilli
is only a plate full of mince…

[Images by Katrien De Blauwer]

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1 Chyll Will   ~  Sep 5, 2013 10:39 am

Alanis Morrisette meets Judi Dench...

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