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Beat of the Day


I found this record at a stoop sale, oh, 15 years ago. This song always makes me smile.


And you know why? Cause Lucky was five-and-a-half when he cut this track.

New York Minute


Lou Reed: Salute.

Getting Even


Game Four. Clay Buchholz will have his bloody sock game and the Sox will even the series.

Book it.

Nevertheless: Let’s Go Cards!

[Photo Via: Ema Cor]Gettin



Lou Reed is dead.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 2.58.25 PM

Sad news. Read this.

[Picture via Weheartit]

Sundazed Soul


Clap Your Hands Now.

“Already Been in the Water”–In Memory of Stella Burke

[Painting by George Wesley Bellows]

Home in the Heartland


Game Three, St. Louie. Says here the Sox take this one.

Hoping I’m wrong.

Never mind nuthin’:

Let’s Go Cards!

[Photo Via: Ghost in the Machine]

Saturdazed Soul



[Photo Credit: Karla Murray]



Order restored for the moment in the Whirled Serious. I say the Sox win Game 3 and the Cards take Game 4 this weekend…

Meanwhile, light day of blogging round these parts. I’ll be back later on.

Happy Friday, you guys.

[Photo Via: Aberrant Beauty]

Where & When: Game 12

Welcome back, and sorry for the lateness.  When you end up working for an obsessive-compulsive movie director, you get a good idea of how little time you have for yourself.  But we are back with a new challenge, one that even has me a little uncertain:

Where & When 12

Another commuters’ special; those who drive a lot throughout the city will instantly know where this is, but you might have a little problem pinpointing when it was taken; I know I have.  So for when, I will accept a good guess within a certain range, provided that you explain what led you to your conclusion.  And, as usual, give us a breakdown of your research.  Send your answers to cixposse at gmail dot com and the first person with the right answers will be bestowed a bottle of Bulldog, while subsequent right answers will receive a spritzing of Spring Grove.

I will be busy again, so I don’t know how often I can check in; that said, if I don’t reveal the answer by 6pm, feel free to do so in the comments and I will update you all with the winners.  So have a good run around the loop and we’ll talk later!

Road Dogs

red 001

Cards look to leave Boston with the Serious tied one-game apiece. The Sox look to continue their postseason run of undisturbed good fortune.

Wacha vs. Lackey.

Never mind those shaggy bastards:

Let’s Go Cards!

Taster’s Cherce


This would make my Mother happy. 

Mainly What I Write is for the Average New Yorker


Rare KRS demo via Unkut.com.

[Photo Credit: Joey Conzo]

New York Minute


Occasionally I see a big kid on the subway platform in the morning. He has a full head of dark hair and he gets on the subway at the same door as me. One morning I established position as the train arrived. When it stopped and the doors opened, the kid slid past me and got in first. He tapped on the side of the train twice before he got on.

No manners. So I began to play a little game every time I saw him, getting position like I was boxing someone out on the basketball court. But still he moved past me, knocked on the side of the train and got on.

Finally I realized that I was being ridiculous. The kid could be autistic and here I was getting offended. Or maybe he didn’t have autism. Anyhow, what’s it my business?

Yesterday, I saw him again. Made eye contact. He looked away. When the train came I stayed back, watched him knock twice on the side of car then get on. I was happy to let him go first.

[Image By Nacho Ormaechea via Ghost in the Machine]

Morning Art


More beauty from our man Diebenkorn.

Beat of the Day


Shake it.

[Photo Via: One Fast Move or I’m Gone]

Take 2


Well, Game 1 was revolting now, wasn’t it? Cards win tonight and they’ll have taken care of business. But they were shook last night and dammit if this whole postseason doesn’t have a bad vibe about it.

[Photo Via: Gu Photography]


Seeing Red

Mark Rothko (6)

Sox vs. Cards. Nothing to do but root for St. Louis.

Never mind the bitterness:

Let’s Go Card-‘nals!


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