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Where & When: Special Request 2

I have a little time on my hands, so you know what that means: HOT CHOCOLATE WITH WHIPPED CREAM!!!

Oh, and this:

Where & When Request 2 2015This one fits my stringent criteria of being interesting and providing enough clues for you to determine Where & When it is; it also helps that it comes with some interesting history or trivia attached to it.  It should take too long to figure this one out, so I’m not offering clues, but I will encourage you to also post some bonus trivia attached to this picture based on what you find during your search.  As implied above, the winner will earn a hot mug of cocoa with whipped cream; the winner being the first person to answer both questions of Where this picture was taken (full name and address) and When (year and more if you are clever), and the bonus will earn you a big, warm brownie.  All the rest of us players will settle for a half pint of chocolate milk and half a brownie if the bonus comes to fruition.

As always, play fair, don’t peek at the credits and if you come across any interesting sites or photos, send me a message and I’ll see if we can showcase it in the next game.  Have fun everyone!

Photo Credit: Shorpy

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1 GaryfromChevyChase   ~  Dec 21, 2015 11:41 am

Noticed it was the Hudson Theater, 145 West 44th Street. The IBDB (Internet Broadway Data Base) says it was produced Oct 31, 1912 - Nov 1912. Factoid: notice that it was produced by Henry B. Harris estate. Mr. Harris died in the sinking of the Titanic!

2 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 21, 2015 11:58 am

[1] Wowzers, I didn't even check that; good one!

3 RIYank   ~  Dec 21, 2015 12:31 pm

Well, it was home of the Tonight Show when Steve Allen hosted.
Is that enough for a brownie?

4 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 21, 2015 1:56 pm

[3] Yep!

5 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 21, 2015 2:08 pm

There's more interesting trivia involved, keep it coming!

6 rbj   ~  Dec 21, 2015 2:55 pm

[1] Hmm, my version of ibdb.com lists "The Fight" from Sept. 2, 1913 to Nov., 1913.
with nothing between June 1912 (when The Typhoon ended) and Sept. 16, 1912 (Honest Jim Blunt) began.

apparently "The Fight" had some controversy:

(first google pix link)
"New York, 1913. Where the audience for Bayard Veiller’s drama The Fight included a grand jury probing charges that the play was “indecent and a public nuisance.” 8x10 glass negative."


Dec. 16 NY Times article by Michael Paulson says that a British magnate is goiong to make it Broadway's 41st theater (don't want too many links, sends comments to moderation.)

7 rbj   ~  Dec 21, 2015 2:59 pm

oh, and in 1974 the theater went "blue"

8 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 21, 2015 4:37 pm

[6] B'way ---> Bmmm'chkka-wowww! Funky Funky Broadway... >;)

9 GaryfromChevyChase   ~  Dec 21, 2015 5:19 pm

And it's now a wedding and party venue!

10 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 21, 2015 8:26 pm

Since we know the answers (thank you, Gary) and we're all enjoying our spoils, take a look at the Shorpy link; there are more interesting tidbits there and on Wikipedia. To whit:
"In December 2015, it was announced that Hudson Theatre LLC had signed a long term lease on the theater. A subsidisary of the UK-based Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG), the company plans to invest in a multi-million dollar refurbishment of the venue, bringing it back into full-time use as a playhouse, primarily for transfers of work from the West End of London." (Wikipedia)

11 thelarmis   ~  Dec 22, 2015 2:22 am

well, we all know i know nothing about where or when, and don't like brownies or whipped cream, but...

[7] that reminds me of one of my very favorite songs of all-time:

"Boogaloo Down Broadway" by the Fantastic Johnny C. One of the greatest songs ever and a wonderful representation of Philadelphia Soul.

I'm seeing this as a future BOTD, AB! : )

ps - i had a Barq's root beer at dinner tonight just cause.

12 Bronx Boy in NC   ~  Dec 22, 2015 6:04 am

Whatever Bayard Veiller's "The Fight" was about, the cops closed it down - one account said it contained a scene set in a brothel. Note the published run dates cover a span of two days. Halloween 1912. Somewhere not far away my grandfathers were running around in knickers.

And look, above the print shop next door - the office and studio of sheet music king Leo Feist!

It's amazing how dense the history is in NYC. I used to eat lunch on that block two or three times a week and the Hudson never breached my consciousness.

13 Chyll Will   ~  Dec 22, 2015 9:57 am

[10] Just cause... did you fire somebody? >;)

[11] If you scan the closeup of this picture, inside Leo Feist's office you can see a guy with a cigarette or a pen/pencil in his mouth in a white collared shirt with one button opened near one of the windows; it's as if he's watching the photographer or was caught in a candid moment. Could it be Feist himself? Hmmm... good depth of field on that camera!

14 Ben   ~  Dec 22, 2015 2:31 pm

[12] there are amazing details in this picture indeed. There's someone deep in the store through the open door... through Leo's windows the figure you noticed I think is actually a painting on the wall... looks like buxom german lady in lederhosen if you ask me :()

Also there are two men up there... one you can only see his Buster Keaton hat over the tall back of a chair, facing away from the window... and in the right window there's someone else...

so bizarre, I feel like Gene Hackman in The Conversation.

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