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New York Minute


Henry Chalfant at the Steven Kasher Gallery.

Where & When: Game 20

Welcome Back to Where & When.  This will be a special edition to highlight the recent loss of a cultural icon.  For several generations and cultures who inhabit the city, this was their Penn Station. I present this without further comment, but feel free to post thoughts.

Where & When 20-1

New York Graffiti Landmark 5 Pointz Continues To Appeal Demolition

Tuesday, November 19, 2013:

Where & When 20-3 111913

Where & When 20-4

 Here is a Google Gallery of what was 5 Pointz. 

Here is a little history.

New York Minute


Banksy’s back in town.

Morning Art



Lovers on the Street by Claire Streetart (via fer1972).

Morning Art




Morning Art

Picture by Horacio Salinas.

The Faith of Graffiti

Via Test Pressing, here’s Norman Mailer’s 1974 Esquire article on graffiti.

Morning Art

Street scene from This Isn’t Happiness.

Morning Art

Street Art from Savage Eyes via This Isn’t Happiness.

Afternoon Art

[Photo Via: Elevated Encouragement]

Afternoon Art

Roberto Clemente.

[Pictures by Macwagen via It’s a Long Season]

Morning Art

Mural by AROE Via Fresh n Good.

An even better image.

Morning Art

Where it all began…

[Image and video via The Bronx Beat]

Morning Art

Seen, downtown Manhattan.

Morning Art

Taken by my uncle, on vacation in Barcelona.

Afternoon Art

Our man RI Yank spotted this street art while on vacation in Rome.

Sunday Art



Morning Art

Found in a doorway last weekend in SoHo.

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