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Commenting Guidelines

Thank You For Not . . .

  • personally attacking other commenters
  • baiting other commenters
  • claiming your opinion isn’t being allowed when it’s just being disagreed with
  • making the same point over and over again
  • using sarcasm in a way that can be misinterpreted negatively
  • commenting under the obvious influence
  • typing in CAPITAL LETTERS (use bold or italics if emphasis is needed, see below)
  • quoting more material than is necessary to capture the point being made
  • failing to properly attribute quoted material (those comfortable with HTML should link to the source)
  • using our comments as a venue for self-promotion
  • preaching about partisan politics or religion
  • attempting “firsties,” overt or covert
  • mentioning that a Yankee pitcher has a no-hitter or perfect game in progress
  • being annoyed by this list

Failure to comply with these guidelines or to heed the warnings of the site’s proprietors may result in disciplinary action, which could range from your comment being deleted to you being banned from commenting on this site.

How To Enhance Your Comments

HTML tags work in comments. Here are a few examples:

  • <b>this makes things bold</b>
  • <i>this puts things in italics</i>
  • <blockquote>this will box off quoted material</blockquote>
  • <a href=”http://www.dummyurl.com” target=”new”>this is how you link to other comments as well as to other things around the web</a>

Do not forget to include the backslash when “closing” the code for any of the above, or it will be your fault when the entire site is suddenly in italics, etc.

Here is the full list of HTML tags and attributes allowed in comments:

<a href="" title="">
<abbr title="">
<acronym title="">
<blockquote cite="">
<del datetime="">
<q cite="">

Linking to other comments

There are two ways to link to other comments. You can link by the comment sequence number, or by the official ID of the comment.

  • To link to the sequence number, simply list the comment number between brackets, like this:


    That will automatically create a link to comment #27 of the same thread. This is the simplest method. The downside is that if a comment gets deleted for some reason, the numbers will all shift accordingly, and your link may be off.

  • You can also link using the permanent WordPress ID of the comment, and the <a href=””> tag.
    To obtain the URL of the comment you want to link to, 1) right-click the date stamp of the comment in question, 2) select “Copy link location,” 3) paste the link between the quotes in the above href code.


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