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Beat of the Day


New De La:

Picture by Bags

Beat of the Day


Funski. Move your body.

[Photo Credit: Marcelo Montecino via This Isn’t Happiness]

Beat of the Day


Just good enough for the one they call Fife.

Beat of the Day


25 years ago today: De La dropped their debut album.

[Illustration by Owen Phillips]

You Can Be My Buddy Anytime


For the next 25 hours you can download De La Soul’s entire catalog over at their site.

Beat of the Day


Here’s a pair of mixes for you aging B-Boys and B-Girls:

Tip and Busta.

De La.

Beat of the Day


You played yourself.

[Painting by Kelly Reemtsen]

Beat of the Day

“Long Island Degrees”–De La Soul

[Photo Via: Film is God]

Saturdazed Soul


It’s hotter n July so let’s cool out with some classic De La:

Who’s Skatin’ Promo

A Roller Skating Jam Named ”Saturdays”

What Yo Life Can Truly Be

A Roller Skating Jam Named _Saturdays_ (Ladies Nite Decision)

[Photo Via: Worship the Feminine]


Beat of the Day

De La on the Jimmy Fallon Show. 

Beat of the Day

I can’t be your lover.

Beat of the Day


“What Yo Life Can Truly Be”–De La Soul

[Photo Credit: Saint Courtney]

Sundazed Soul

Phil Hughes pitched his best game of the year, Chris Stewart and Lyle Overbay hit solo home runs (Overbays was a bomb) and Mariano Rivera was the last man standing–though he didn’t earn a save–as the Yanks beat the A’s yesterday afternoon, 4-2.

Smiles all around.

Today gives another afternoon game and Game 1 of the Knicks-Pacers, which proves to be dramatic, dumb, aggravating, and other clumsy adjectives to describe hardship and pain.

But first, listen to this:

“Fallin’”–Teenaged Fan Club with De La Soul

[Photo Credit: Katherine Squler]

Beat of the Day

Take that Kangol off.

[Photo Via: -Circa]

Beat of the Day


I Can’t Be Your Lover…

[Illustration by MH Jeeves via This Isn’t Happiness]

Beat of the Day

Give her good lovin’…the kind she understands.

[Painting by Jesus Leguizamo]

Sundazed Soul

Always exhale the facts cause I don’t inhale lies.

[Photo Via: Obey the Streets]

Taster’s Cherce

Pass the peas like they used to say.

Nicole Franzen gives us buttery peas with garlic scapes.

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