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Sundazed Soul

Always exhale the facts cause I don’t inhale lies.

[Photo Via: Obey the Streets]

Taster’s Cherce

Pass the peas like they used to say.

Nicole Franzen gives us buttery peas with garlic scapes.

Beat of the Day

Put the needle to the groove.

[Photo by Genevieve Naylor via If Charlie Parker…]

Beat of the Day

Smooth out the R&B.

Beat of the Day

Ah, De La+Biz=Happy Friday.

Beat of the Day

It’s on a a first come, first serve basis…

Newness from Pos and Dove: Good luck to both of you.

Beat of the Day

De La

+ Fela

Fela Soul. Don’t sleep.

You Know That Guy Rufus?

“De La Soul is Dead,” one of my favorite records, is twenty years old.

Check out this extensive piece on the De La’s second album.

Freakin’ Lick ’em.

[picture by Jeff P Faller]

Beat of the Day

C’mon Everybody Do the Baseball!

Beast of Burden

The Yanks are stumbling toward a playoff berth. Last night, the offense showed some fight, which has me feeling good. However, the formidable J. Lester goes for the Sox later this afternoon on Fox (doom, doom!) and Dustin Moseley will start for the Yanks tomorrow night so a Red Sox sweep is not hard to imagine.

Still, I’ll be keeping the faith like De La, and root-root-rooting for the home team.

Fug whatchu hoid: Let’s Go Yan-Kees!

[Picture by Frank Miller]

Nine Days Old…

Saturday Morning Melodies…

hey Hey hey


De La:

But This What a Way Has Been a Way of Today

According to a report by Michael Schmidt in the New York Times:

Alex Rodriguez told investigators and lawyers for Major League Baseball on Thursday that he was treated by a Canadian-based doctor now under investigation by federal authorities but that he did not receive performance-enhancing drugs from him, according to two people in baseball with knowledge of the meeting.

In meeting with the Yankees’ Rodriguez for a three-hour interview Thursday night in Florida, baseball officials ended up beating the federal authorities to the punch. The authorities have sought to interview Rodriguez for weeks but have not yet done so. Baseball officials and the federal authorities want to know what interactions Rodriguez had with the doctor, Anthony Galea, who has stated that he treated him in 2009 with anti-inflammatories after Rodriguez’s hip surgery.

Tell ’em what to say, Mase:

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