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You guys know all about the great Lo Hud Yankee blog. Pete Abraham started it and Chad Jennings keeps it purring along. For all the latest spring training whatnot, look no further than your one-stop shop for Yankeeness. 

[Picture by Lucy Eldridge via It’s a Long Season]

New York Minute

Ah, if only we had a time machine and could go back and sit in the Polo Grounds. Man, that’d be nice.

[Photo via The Mighty Flynn]

Gone But Not Forgotten

Dig this nice letter by a Michael Ebner in the Metropolitan Diary today:

As we were threading our way through crowded streets, I realized that we had approached the site of the former Polo Grounds, longtime home of the New York Giants. I regaled the cabby with recollections of attending ball games there — with my grandfather, father, and brother — some 50 years ago.

Suddenly he veered off topic, asking me how much time I had before my flight. Learning that I had more than three hours, he shut off the meter and parked the cab (in a no-parking zone). Together we walked around the housing complex in the vicinity of center field known as Polo Grounds Towers.

He particularly wanted me to see the commemorative sign, on a patch of lawn, noting that this housing complex once was the home of the Giants. Reflecting later on this spontaneous experience, it occurred to me that this was the only time in my 68 years that I had actually stood on the field of play in a major-league ballpark.

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