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Beat of the Day


Here’s a pair of mixes for you aging B-Boys and B-Girls:

Tip and Busta.

De La.

Beat of the Day

Speaking of Tip…Funski.

[Image Via: The Complications You Could Live Without]

The Boom Bip


Via Ego Trip, here’s a good, long interview with Q-Tip. Just when you thought Tip was an unbearable flake you watch something like this and understand what he’s about. Sure, there is some self-consciousness but he’s an artist, after all. Beyond that, he’s funny and smart and it’s a good interview. Oh, and skip ahead to the 50:30 mark to hear a snippet of Primo’s incredible demo version of Nas’ “Memory Lane.” Can’t get it out of my head, man.

Beat of the Day


Phone is ringin’, Oh my God.

[Photo Via: Hellanne]

Beat of the Day

…like the Doc Bruce Banner…

Beat of the Day

Sticking with old Stretch Armstrong Show freestyles, here’s a good one from Q-Tip and Mad Skillz (I remember a lot of heads turned on Tip after hearing this cause it was like hearing Cosby trying to be Pryor):

Saturday Afternoon Cleaning Music

Got the scrawny legs but I move just like Lou Brock.

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