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Good n Lucky (Or is it Lucky n Good?)

Hard to feel confident about your team winning a game in extra innings when they are on the road. The longer the game goes, the deeper into the bullpen your team digs, the greater the feeling of doom. Which is why I stepped out to go to the grocery score when the Yankees didn’t score in the top of the 12th inning today. I’d spent the afternoon in front of the TV, missed the better part of a gorgeous afternoon, and if the Yanks were going to lose the game, I didn’t know that I had the heart to watch.

What’s the worst that could happen if I let it be?

I didn’t even bring my phone with me to the store. Yet when I got home our boys held a 5-3 lead going into the bottom of the 14th. Mark Teixeira got the big hit, a two-run double against Brad Lidge. Jayson Nix hit an infield single to deep short to start the frame and then Derek Jeter failed to lay down a bunt on the first two pitches he saw. But he fouled pitches off and took some more; soon the count was full then Jeter hit a ground ball single himself. It was a stubborn, resilient at bat, and Jeter’s first hit in seven trips to the plate.

Lidge recovered to strike out Curtis Granderson and he got ahead of Teixeira but then hung one and the Yankee first baseman lined a ball to the right field corner.

Rafael Soriano wasn’t smooth and two men were on base when he got Bryce Harper to ground out to end the game. I thought Harper, 0-6 with five strikeouts at that point, would fulfill an ESPN highlight clip that I had running in my mind, but he did not. After the game, Washington’s manager Davey Johnson said that for the first time this year, Harper chased pitches out of the strike zone, anxious to make something happen.

By the time the game was over and Freddy Garcia, sixth of seven Yankee pitchers, was the improbable winner, the startrtd, Jordan Zimmerman and Andy Pettitte were a vague memory. Both pitched well. Zimmerman reminds me of Matt Cain. He’s got great stuff but the Yankees made him work and he was out of the game after six innings.

One thing about Zimmerman, he made two excellent plays in the field. The first, after catching a line drive, had him making a pinpoint throw to the shortstop as they tried to double Eric Chavez off second. The next play was another throw, this one home, that nailed Nick Swisher (Swisher’s leg collided with the catcher’s knee and the cheerful outfielder’s day was done).

Pettitte was outstanding, again, and held a 3-2 lead after seven. He’d thrown 95 pitches but with three right handed hitters coming up in the eighth inning was pulled in favor of Corey Wade who retired the first two batters on two pitches. He got ahead of Ian Desmond 0-2 and then threw a bad pitch, a meatball that missed its target by plenty. Desmond smacked a 400 foot home run and the game was tied. After a walk to Tyler Moore, Boone Logan relieved Wade. Dwayne Wise, who’d replaced Raul Ibanez in left to start the inning, shifted to right and Nix went to left. Adam LaRoche was the pinch hitter and he singled to right. Wise fielded the ball and made a strong throw home. Russell Martin tagged Moore for the third out.

It was a stirring play for the Yankees as well as a lucky one as the replays showed that Moore was safe. But this is how it goes when you are on a wining streak–luck is on your side. Right now, the Yanks have more than a little bit of luck. Everything is going their way. We’ll take it.

Oh, yeah, this was their first win all season without hitting a home run. Tomorrow they go for their ninth straight.

Unt we am Heppy Kets.

Final Score: Yanks 5, Nats 3.

[Photo Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images]


1 OldYanksFan   ~  Jun 17, 2012 8:01 am

The good news is that our pitching is where it should be. Not league best (4th is AL ERA, 9th in BAA), but very solid.

The bad news is I believe our offense is underperforming and our RISP is still TERRIBLE. Even with an aging ARod and Jeter, this is still a very talented team.

ARod batting cleanup is a totally token move. He will obviously get moved at some time in the future, why not now? He leads the Yanks in OBP and is 6 for 6 in SB. He should e batting 2nd, then Grandy, Cano and Teix.

I think it was Weeping that made the point about situational hitting.
We can obviously hit HRs, and we are a power team. But situationl hitting is a weak spot (.221 RISP, 27th). There are times we need to be more patient and prioritise making contact.

I'd also like to see Swisher be 'less aggressive' and go back to his patient, higher OBP approach.

And good as Cano is, he needs to stop his hacking approach.

This IS a very good team. But that doesn't mean we can't improve.

2 RIYank   ~  Jun 17, 2012 12:20 pm

Wait, that's not bad news. That's good news. That the team has underperformed, and that they are playing at a level that yields a very high expected run production, that's very good news.

I think you are confusing a bad thing (bad hitting with RISP) with bad news.

3 RIYank   ~  Jun 17, 2012 12:53 pm

He hit it okay. Good try werewolf.

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