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Map Quest

Wanna know your favorite big league ball player’s home town?

This is the spot.

Another place I found because I read Kottke, the dopest site on the ‘Net.

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1 kenboyer made me cry   ~  Jun 26, 2012 4:00 pm

Lot's of fun. There's a small town in southern New Jersey; Vineland. A 20 year old named Mike Trout is from there. His father played high minor leagues before he got injured. How come the illustrious scouting staff of the Yankees missed this one in their own backyard?

2 Chyll Will   ~  Jun 26, 2012 7:41 pm

[1] Because he's not a pitcher, duh >;)

Seriously, the Yanks seem to have a serious boner for high-end pitchers, then catchers and then the rest is farm fertilizer. Their strategy for growing position players has mainly been to sign the best (and perhaps most desperate to sign) international player, until MLB caught up with them to level the playing field a bit.

To be honest, I think the money would be better spent on recruiting better scouts. But what do I know, the Yanks probably get raided for their best behind-the-scenes talent more than anyone.

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